Effectively manage your board exams along with your entrance exam

It is well known that to get into your dream college and achieve your academic goals it is necessary to crack at least a national level entrance exam. The best universities scout students by their results in these entrance exams. So the entrance exams become very vital for students. But as a student studying in class 12, you cannot ignore the board exams as the marks of board exams generally stays with you as an important academic record. Due to this scenario, students often find themselves shuffling between these two important exams and finally end up losing focus and ruining both.

The competition of entrance exams like NEET, JEE, AIIMS etc is so high that just doing a crash course on the entrance exam and appearing it is not a choice. Students study for 2 years to crack the exams. The act of balancing board exams and entrance exams is not easy at all. While the efficiency of balancing both exams varies according to your stream, the main goal is to come up with certain strategies that can help you manage time and do well in both without taking much pressure. Some of the points that you must have in mind while trying to balance entrance and board exams are

1 . Get started as soon as possible

If you have decided to appear in the entrance exams as well as do well in the board exams then you already know the humongous syllabus you need to cover for both. You cannot afford to waste any time and act fast. You need to get the right plan in your mind from the start and apply it. Starting early preparation for the exam will give you more time to cover and revise more syllabus. It helps avoid last-minute breakouts.

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2. Find the common element

Maintaining two exams with different exam patterns and syllabus can seem like an impossible task. However, most entrance exams have various common elements. If you figure out that you can easily save a lot of time and work efficiently. Important entrance exams like NEET and AIIMS have a lot of common chapters. If you plan wisely you can prepare for both exams without wasting your time preparing for the same thing twice. This will allow you to invest your time in other important subjects.

3. Find out your priorities

While preparing for any entrance exam you have to understand that time is the most important asset. So to use it most efficiently you have to plan and prioritize subjects. You must have already known what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses, so prioritize the topics that need more attention and practice.

4. Modify your preparation process

To prepare an efficient plan you need to modify it according to your preference. Two different people will not follow the same plan as the strengths and weaknesses are different as well as the learning style. You need to find out your best learning style and stick to it. Making arrangements and a timetable of when you are willing to study for your whole day, how many hours you are gonna give to each subject is recommended. Allocate more time to those subjects that you find harder. If you successfully figure out your learning style it will be easier for you to find the right study material.

5. Manage your school course and curriculum

While you are in class 12 your school life can be very hectic as the workload can be very heavy.? There are various weekly and monthly tests, pre boards, boards, a lot of assignments etc. All these activities can consume a lot of time and hamper your preparation stage. Assignments given by the teachers are very long and you need to give hours to research and write about them, to avoid that you can take online assignment help services that can help you in writing your assignment in very little time and get good marks.

6. Test yourself

To understand your capabilities as the exam date comes closer it is necessary to test yourself by taking up more and more mock tests. These tests provide you with a real-time exam simulation and give you a true result of your preparation. The mock tests can help you to understand which areas you are doing badly and what are your strengths. You can then focus more on the chapters that you are weak at.

7. Tame necessary rest

While preparing for two important exams with a huge syllabus simultaneously there are many chances that you can overload yourself. Working hard is good but pushing your body more than it limits can result in inefficiency and other serious health hazards. If you felt sick for lack of rest then you might lose out on the opportunity to appear in the exam, that way all your preparation and hard work throughout the year will go into vain. So it is recommended to take small breaks. You can sleep, meditate, roam around, eat something etc during this time, it will help you feel rejuvenated and helps you focus more on your goals.


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