5 Types Of Lighting For Bathroom Mirrors

Lighting up bathrooms is an important aspect when it comes to designing a bathroom space. There are many ways in which bathrooms can be lit up. Over the years, one of the most common style of lighting bathrooms has been by way of installing mirrors with lights. This not only offers a unique way to improve the aesthetic of a bathroom space, but it also offers a certain degree of functionality when it comes to having a light source for the mirror space.

Here are some of the types of bathroom lighting styles that you can indulge in by using mirrors with lights:   

Vanity Lights:

Many like the idea of having good lighting in their bathroom. It is for this reason that they focus on vanity lighting. One of the ways that this can achieved is by installing a mirror with lights, for which there are several combinations that can help lighten up your bathroom. Many designers prefer to have the lights attached to the mirror; some have the lights lighting up the mirror from behind to achieve ambient lighting. For the ones who are prepared to be a little lavish, they install lighting in their bathrooms purely with the idea of focusing much of it on to the mirror. 

Track Light:

If you want functional lighting that can be customised for your mirrors, then track lighting is a great option. If you want to have a mirror with lights that requires lighting from certain angles, then track lighting is the way to go. Track lights can be mounted on a panel or be kept separate using lighting heads. These heads can be adjustable so that you can direct the light as per your need. Track lights are a great option for people who want a mirror with lights but are on a budget.

Recessed Lights:

One of the latest designs available in the market today is recessed lights. In fact, when people are looking for a mirror with lights, they usually come with recessed lights. These lighting units can be designed to be discreet and be made to appear as if they are part of the mirror itself. It not only saves space, but it also provides a more effective light source, given that it is a part of one of the areas of the bathroom where the light has to be focused the most.

Wall Sconces:

Wall mounted lighting has always been considered to be the best way to light up bathrooms, but over the years, it has been used to light up mirrors as well. For many who consider getting a mirror with lights, wall mounted units have proven to offer them options to not just have a light source, but also to add some decor to the bathroom space. Wall sconces come in a variety of shapes and designs that are both modern and classical. Given this utility, many are opting to use wall sconces when they are looking for a mirror with lights.

LED Lights:

LEDs have revolutionised lighting in ways that are unimaginable. Small discreet units with an even smaller light source can provide enough and more lighting to a large space. This is one of the reasons mirrors with lights these days are coming with a pre-installed LED light. These lights are mounted on to the mirror using strips or individual units. They also offer colour variations that offer a range and variety in lighting up the area around your mirrors.

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