Different types of fire fighting equipment

Fire safety and its design are integral parts of any commercial or residential space. Fire safety pieces of equipment are necessary for ensuring that safety considerations are properly implemented. Many types of fire safety pieces of equipment are available in the market and new technology & innovations are also introduced day by day.

Each type of equipment is specifically designed to handle different classes of fire in various types of situations and environments. If you are looking at specific pieces of equipment for your home or office space, or just to know more, below is a list of pieces of equipment to get you started.

1. Fire Extinguishers

fire fighting equipment

It?s necessary for every building as per regulations to have fire-fighting pieces of equipment present in the building. Hand-held fire-fighting equipment is a much-needed type. Fire extinguishers are one of the commonly used handy fire fighting equipment. They are designed to curb small fires before they become uncontrollable. Portable fire extinguishers are readily available and come equipped with different types of extinguishing agents like water, foam, dry powder, CO2, and wet chemicals.

2. Fire blankets and Welding blankets

Fire blankets are used to curb fires of class F that are mostly fuelled by cooking oils and fats. So, fire blankets find their place mostly in kitchen environments, where the incidence of class F fires is at the highest. For small kitchens, economy fire blankets or white kitchen blankets are the best choices. 1.2m x 1.2m blankets are to be utilized by a large workshop or restaurant kitchens in case of fire emergencies. To protect welders from sparks and splatter, welding blankets are used.

3. Fire Hose Reels

Fires that are fuelled by paper, wood, rubber and other non ? conductive materials are called class A fires. Firehouse reels are used for dealing with fire emergencies involving class A fires. Because fire hose reels discharge water, they cannot be employed to combat fires that are caused by electrical faults. CO2 fire extinguishers are designed to deal with fires associated with electrical faults and mishaps.

4. Signages

Standard signage must be accompanied by all fire-fighting pieces of equipment. This is done to make sure that the users can identify and access the location and type of equipment in case of an emergency. A wide range of regulations is mandated by the respective authorities of each country and localities regarding the type of signage to be used. Standards are laid out by authorities for the maintenance and installation of each fire fighting equipment. 

5. Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler system and its design is an essential part of fire and safety regulations mandated by the authorities for commercial and residential spaces. There are standards of the design, installation, and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems that can be considered for designing an appropriate system for one?s place. The different types of fire sprinkler systems are wet ? pipe, dry pipe, pre-action, and deluge.

6. First Aid Kits

Though not thought about like conventional fire fighting equipment, first aid kits are very important when it comes to the aftermath of a fire. Minor injuries that are sustained during a fire can be taken care of by first aid measures to a great extent. Having an appropriate and well-equipped first aid kit available is an important matter to be considered and taken care of in terms of fire safety.

7. Emergency & Exit Signs

Provisions for proper evacuation and a detailed evacuation plan are vital for carrying out evacuations successfully. Emergency and exit signs are the most important things that need to be properly assigned so that people can easily find and access these areas in event of a fire emergency. Clear signage and appropriate lighting are to be ensured so that the appropriate actions and exits can be taken at the right time.

8. Smoke Alarms

Some alarms are the type of fire safety equipment that is designed to detect fires. Smoke alarms must be installed in all residential and commercial spaces. The regulations and standards regarding the implementation of smoke alarms in the above-mentioned spaces vary from country to country and locality to locality and are mandated by the concerned authorities.

9. Flamezorb

Flamezorb is a type of non-toxic and easy to clean powder that is highly effective in smothering fires. Each bag of the powder consists of enough quantity to fill a 10-liter fire bucket. Places that are at risk for high spillage like garage forecourts etc, can employ Flamezorb for effective fire safety measures.

It’s very important to know the basic fire fighting types of equipment and their functions and usage. The best firefighting types of equipment can be purchased from places like UAE, UK, India, etc. Fire fighting equipment in UAE is among the best in the world and can readily be ordered for the best prices.

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