Types of Courts Including Court Of Queen’s Bench

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Canada is known to have peaceful environments for any nation despite gender and religion and this is the reason the cases of racism are very few and far between. Talk about the judiciary system of Canada then courts have three levels and it is the same in every city in Canada. In every Canadian province, there are the Court of Queen’s Bench, Provincial Court, and the Court of Appeal. If someone needs to appeal, they can go from low to a higher level. At some federal courts, the matters of citizenship and taxes are dealt with as well. Finally, there is the Supreme Court that is the highest in Canada and it can hear any appeals anywhere within Canada. You might be interested in knowing about them after having the court of Queen’s Bench decision on the Winnipeg impact fee. Following is the complete information about the courts.

Court of Queen’s Bench

For criminal and civil trials, the court of Queen’s Bench can be contacted. Some criminal cases that were originally tried in Provincial Court and small claims cases can also be appealed in the Queen’s Bench. You may have heard about the most recent, Winnipeg impact fee case. There are some family matters that can be appealed to the Court of Queen’s Bench Family Law section but with some exceptions. Jury trials can also be held in the Court of Queen’s Bench. The judge for the Queen’s Bench is appointed by the Canadian Goverment.

Court of Appeal

The appeals from the Queen’s Bench are heard in the Court of Appeal. The criminal trials which took place in the Provincial Court can also be heard in the court of appeal. Judges of the Court of Appeal are also appointed by the Government of Canada.

Federal Courts

The civil cases that involve the federal government are dealt with in the federal courts such as patent, maritime law, and copyright. There are some specialized federal courts as well that deal with specific matters such as the Tax federal court deals only with this field. If there are any appeals from other federal courts they will be Federal Court of Appeal will also hear those appeals, and also review the application from other federal tribunals and boards such as Immigration Board, Refugee Board, or Canadian Human Rights Commission.

Supreme Court of Canada

As the name suggests, it is the highest court in Canada. There is chief justice and eight judges in the Supreme Court. There should be minimum two judges from Quebec who must be available for an appeal if there is a dispute involving civil law. The decision made in Supreme Court is final. From civil to federal matters, any appeal will be heard in the supreme court of Canada. It can also provide a decision on the matters that are provided by the federal government as well, such as any question regarding the constitution. One may need to have the left of appeal granted to be heard in the supreme court of Canada.

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