7 Ways To Save Money On Pet Supplies: Saving Money On Pet Care And Grooming

The cost of pet care and supplies may seem like a minor line item in your household budget, but they’re an important one. After all, it?s not just about the money ? your furry friend is part of your family, and shouldn’t have to suffer because of your spending priorities. Your pet deserves the best you can afford. But as any savvy shopper knows, you don’t need to break the bank to give them the best possible care. Here are some tips for getting top quality products at a great price.

1. Save money on pet food

Save money on pet food by buying in bulk and making your own dog food. Store-bought pet food can be really expensive and it?s not always easy to find the right kind of food for your pet. Making your own dog food at home can help you avoid fillers and other unnecessary ingredients and save you a lot of money. If you want your indoor cats to get enough exercise, don?t buy extra bowls. Our indoor cats have been getting the 600-foot run twice a day for a few years now, but I also keep extra buckets outside where they can scoop up an extra treat or two. If you can?t habitually keep your cats outside for a half-hour, consider purchasing an outdoor cat feeder or an outdoor trough to catch your cats.

If you have a rabbit or hamster with you in the store, ask the cashier to check their food before you buy it ? some stores sell diseased, moldy, or rotten food. Also, don?t forget to shop the smaller shelves to see if your old favorite treats are still in perfect condition!

I wouldn?t invest more than $20 in a good quality electric toothbrush. I always keep one with me at all times ? this is an essential tool that will help you brush your pet?s teeth and prevent dental disease. If you have a small animal, keep your electric toothbrush next to the water dish where your cat will drink from. If your cat doesn?t drink from a bowl, then the brush saves her a trip to the bathroom.

Rabbit or hamster food can be expensive. Since indoor pets like to eat, you don?t want to spend a lot of money on it and have it gone bad quickly. It?s better to feed your pet dry pet food from the meal box usually provided with your cat or rabbit. Remember, dry food is cheaper than canned food and it won?t go bad. And if you?re lucky enough to have a high-quality pet food store nearby, buy organic rabbit or hamster food.

2. Save money on dog or cat grooming

To save money on dog or cat grooming, groom your pet yourself. There are cat grooming products you can buy from MC Pet Supply that come with all the tools you need to groom your dog or cat. When you groom your pet yourself, you won?t have to spend money on going to a groomer.

Additionally, some employees at pet stores aren?t really qualified to groom cats or dogs. Instead, they offer this service as a compromise option for you. When that?s the case, feel free to hire your own groomer; he or she will be more than happy to do the job and you?ll save a bit of money in the process. The point is to cut down on grooming costs while still giving your pets the best possible experience.

Go to the store, but get what you want at the register. There may be times when you need to buy a gift for a friend or coworker and it?s not practical to buy something at the store. Do whatever it takes to buy the item online. You don?t need to split the cost with your friend ? just let them know that you can have it shipped to their location. When you?re at the grocery store or hardware store, come armed with a cart of gift cards to utilize the on-the-go lifestyle.

Treat your pets to a picture-perfect vacation. You?ll save a trip to the groomer when the kids go to Disney World next month.

Supercharge your shopping experience by stocking up ahead of time. You often see features on items like home delivery, which simply means you have your gift ready to go when you get home. Even better, some stores have these items at the checkout for you right before or right after you swipe in. The more high-quality products you stock up on, the less you will have to buy towards the end of the shopping trip, which will free up more of your already limited funds.

At many locations, people don?t waste gift cards.

3. Save money on pet supplies and care products

When you have a pet that needs a lot of food and supplies, you can save a lot of money by shopping on Amazon. Not only is it convenient, but you can sometimes get a better quality of food and supplies at a better price.

If you?re a pet-owner who cares for multiple pets, you can save money on supplies by shopping on Amazon. You can watch amazing video testimonials, check out videos of pets doing tricks, and even find lists of items to take with you on your walks.

If you?re someone who has essential heavy-duty items that you simply can?t live without, it?s good to shop on Amazon. At the moment, Amazon has a long list of products that are listed with a 15 to 20 percent mark-up. And these products will get better prices as inventory becomes available.

You can estimate how much it will cost you to maintain a pet supply cabinet by doing a little research on pet supply stores. You?ll see that most retailers out there list their prices for bulk-buying whole cases of supplies, or a number of cases, at double or even triple the price of their own brand of supplies.

If you don?t want to shop on Amazon, or can’t find specific pet supplies at a good deal, it?s a good idea to check out online stores like Target, Walmart, and online retailers such as eBay.

From coats and jackets to beds and toys, there are a ton of great items at good prices on Amazon. And Amazon does have a wide variety of cat and dog products, too!

If you know you like to travel a lot, Amazon can be your best bet for travel supplies, furniture, and more. You may be able to get discounts on these purchases. Before you buy, aim to shop around and compare pet prices. Check out this detailed article about how to fill your vacation home with the best travel supplies at the best price.

4. Save money by switching to generic brands

Generics are almost always cheaper than their name brand counterparts. Sometimes generics are even made in the same factories as the name brand products. Even when they aren?t, the ingredients are usually exactly the same so you?re getting the same product. The only difference is the label, the packaging, and the price.

Banana leaf and dandelion greens are some good generic ingredients to get at a good price. When you determine which nutrition labels to trust, look for the grams of protein or multivitamin per 100 grams. Check the sodium, saturated fat, and calories for each product, as well as the ingredients list. And obtain a listing of the ingredients according to their order of priority. This should help you discern whether there is a middlemen involved in the manufacturing process. Check online first to determine the best price, and confirm with the manufacturer before you rely on their ingredient for your meal.

If you prefer to buy specific pet food, ensure you?re getting the kind that meets your selection criteria and needs. For example, some cats need more protein per 100 grams, while others might prefer fewer calories per 100 grams. Depending on your preferences, it?s easy to find a food ? or even supplements ? that will meet your needs.

If you have a food preference and stock up on specific brands, you can save money when you aren?t particularly fussy. Many grocery stores sell food in boxes, meaning you don?t have to purchase individual containers ? a staple for many active people ? and you can put more kibbles on your shopping list. Buy kibbles as small as possible so you can eat them in less time.

Veterinary organizations often advertise a percentage off on food purchases, but it doesn?t always reflect the actual savings. That goes for vitamins, pet foods, and any other medical or pet product (excluding some food supplements). If this type of advertising appeals to you, ask for a price break on non-food items before you spend the full price on groceries.

5. Save money by shopping online for your pet’s needs

If you?re like me and like to spoil your pets, you?ll know that there isn?t much you won?t buy them, whether it?s clothes or toys. But you can save a lot of money by shopping online for your pet?s needs.

The Internet is a wonderful way to find products online ? and to see what options you have when you do. You can also learn about the different species of pets in your area, what they enjoy and enjoy for games, and what types of care they prefer. I love to learn about different breeds so I can give my pup the best chance at winning her battle scars.

But sometimes, your pet?s preferences and tastes aren?t whimsical ? we all have preferences. Supermarkets and pet stores can often have their arms full with pet food, shampoo and toys to choose from, and they often fail to include the accessories we truly want to buy. For example, because my sweet dog keeps on snuggling in my sweatshirts and blankets, I rarely see items in the aisles anymore.

So, why not shop at your local store instead? Their selection is often a bit narrower, but you can find all of the items you need and in better packaging. Plus, their prices tend to be a bit more realistic: Pet stores tend to be very price-focused, so they?re more price-conscious than department stores. Plus, when you purchase in-store, it?s a more personal interaction with a human, instead of a salesperson.

Another great option for buy online, buy local advantages: If you?re outside of the U.S., suppliers may not stock products in your country, but there are a handful of suppliers in your area and they will ship to any country. Pet-related holiday gifts are extremely popular and are usually sold out during the holidays so it?s worth shopping difficult times.

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