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    The entertainment centers of Medellin are an essential part of any living room to keep organized and caring television, stereo, DVD and other items used for entertainment. To choose the right one for your space, we recommend taking into account several factors.

    Type of entertainment center

    The first thing we recommend you do is decide what type of entertainment center will work best in your space and with its decor. One of the largest are wall units. These units are like TV shelves as they surround the TV with shelves, drawers, and other storage options.

    TV consoles, on the other hand, are probably the most common type of entertainment center. They are long cabinets on which you place your TV and have shelves and / or cabinets for storage. If you want to keep your TV hidden when not in use, consider a TV cabinet. These units generally contain the TV behind cabinet doors. They are also a good option if they have more vertical space available than horizontal. If cold nights are a problem, you can also find TV consoles with built-in electric fireplaces underneath the TV.

    Certain types of entertainment centers will fit best in different decorations with home furnishings in Medellin. Minimalists will likely prefer a wall-mounted TV with a slim console underneath, while those with dedicated media rooms would likely benefit from a wall unit. Affordable tv cabinets online


    Once you have selected a style that you like, it is time to take lots of action. First, measure the space you have available for your entertainment center. They don’t want to end up with a piece that is too big, small, and may seem out of place.

    The next important measurement is the size of your television. Even if you think you know the size of your television, measure it again. The screen size is measured diagonally and does not indicate the actual height and width of the TV.

    The third measure is to determine your sitting line of sight. For comfortable viewing, the bottom half of the TV screen should be level with your line of sight when sitting on the sofa or in the chairs around it. Mark where your line of sight is, and then make sure the shelf the TV will be on is no more than 12 inches below that. This measurement is still important even if wall mounts are used, as they need to know where the TV is going to be in order to know what height of TV tables in Medell?n they can place underneath.


    Some people have started running their cables behind walls for a cleaner look; In this case, cable management in your entertainment center will not be a big problem. But some people are not lucky enough to be able to do this, so they will need to consider the cables.

    There will be one cable for the television itself, and depending on how many other things are connected to the television, there could be any number of other cables to consider. Cable boxes, sound bars, and video game systems – everyone will add cables they want out of sight.

    Be sure to look for a console or unit that has at least one whole drilled in the back for cables. Depending on the design of the shelves and cabinets, two may be even better. If you have really unique cable management needs, at least make sure you get a piece where you can drill holes.


    It can be easy to forget about storage when you’re focused on the TV, but remember to think about your storage needs. Will you need shelves for cable boxes, sound bars and / or video game systems? Will they want a cabinet to keep movies close but out of sight? Once they have an inventory of how many things they need to store, they can more easily choose a part that meets all their needs.

    At first glance, it seems that choosing Medellin entertainment centers should be easy, but in reality there are many small considerations that are easy to forget. Fortunately, with so many options available, once you’ve determined what type and size of entertainment center you need, it’s easy to find one that’s perfect for your space. And once you have your TV in your new entertainment center, you can finish preparing your living room.

    Recommendations for organizing your entertainment center

    When installing an entertainment center in your home we recommend planning ahead for the organization to save time in the future.

    Select a shelf solution

    Depending on the amount of space they have and the extent of the components they are going to store, choose a shelf solution that is freestanding or wall mounted for your entertainment center. Choosing a mobile shelving solution will give you greater flexibility to modify your solution as your needs change. A modular solution that you can add is also useful as needs change.

    Plan ahead

    Label your cables on the plug so you easily know which belongs to which components – a real time saver when you have to remove something to repair or rearrange your configuration. We also recommend bundling cables so they don’t look unsightly and pose a tripping hazard. Choose the adhesive cable control options you can use to route the cables along the back of the selected shelf solutions.

    Consider media storage

    Although more and more people enjoy digital music, many families still have a large collection of CDs and DVDs that they want to store. Decide whether or not your family needs regular access to these items. If so, look for open racks that provide quick and easy access and can be stored on a shelf. If used less frequently, they can be stored in an attractive box on a higher shelf.

    Personalize your space

    Photo frames, books and decorative items all add personality to an entertainment center and are worth including.

    We remind you that at BIKA we have Medellin entertainment centers of the highest quality that will fit your needs. We invite you to know the options that we put at your disposal in our catalog and to contact us to request detailed information, we will gladly assist you.

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