6 Things You Wouldn’t Do With Your Gift Cards

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    We are usually too excited to really think about what we should NOT be doing with the gift card that we just received!

     But it may be a distraction crash in the moment of ecstasy if we don?t plan or think consciously about what or what not to do in order to reap the benefits associated with that card. There are many ways to use your gift cards but using it in a safe way ensures claim. While it?s never a bad idea to think a little before spending it, it?s only going to get you things you?d really enjoy. Gift cards that you receive from various sites like PrizeHog (https://prizehog.net/) are of use and sometimes we waste them doing the silliest things.

    So, for now, I have some six steps of what NOT to do with your GIFT CARD!!

    Though I have a firsthand experience on only some of the below-given points, I highly recommend not doing these 6 things with your gift card, because of course, you don?t want to waste it, right?

    Wondering what those 6 DON’TS are? Well, here is a list of 6 things you wouldn’t do with your gift cards.

    1.  Keep Them For Later

    I know some of you have the habit of keeping things to use only when it is required or just simply do not want to use it at the moment. For all you guys, in case you keep your gift card in the drawer and forget to use it, it may no longer be redeemable because the associated company has gone out of business, or is bankrupt. As soon as you receive one, you can plan on using it in the upcoming month or within a few months to avoid getting over it.

    Now that you know something like this can probably happen with you, I am sure you wouldn’t keep it to use afterward.

    2.  Carry Them With You

    Do not carry your gift card with you wherever you go as you may end up losing it. Instead, you can keep it on your phone using various apps out there for that purpose. Today, the digital world has taken over us in so many ways…Why not use it to our benefit and make life easier and regret free?? Because if you always carry them with you and drop it somewhere, guilt is sure to follow. So, It’s better to be safe than to be sorry!

    3.  Sell Them To Someone

    Think before you act…

    You wouldn’t want to resell your gift card to someone else because you won’t get the exact same amount of it. In addition, trying to do so can make you more vulnerable to getting scammed. Thereby, Use your gift cards quickly to minimize the headache of having to resell it, which cannot always be profitable.

    4.  Make Payments With Them

    Traditionally, Gift cards are for gifts to others or to oneself and not to make payments, especially when you are not aware of the authenticity of the store you?re making payment at. Anyone asking you to pay with your gift card can be a scam- A scam or a trap, where you may lose money through your card. So beware of all the scammer’s waiting to loot you with one wrong step.

    5.  Forget To Register Your Gift Card

    To make sure you don?t lose anything even if your gift card gets stolen or you misplaced it somewhere, get it registered!

    Registration features come with the card if the one you received or bought is authentic, meaning it has a bank brand tied with it. Authenticity increases the odds of fraudulent activity related to the card.  It kind of secures your card value so if you lose your card, you would still have your credits to use. yay!!

    6.  Not Keep Track Of Your Cards

    It’s wise to keep systematic track of your cards when you have quite a lot of them. Otherwise, managing becomes difficult when you do it mentally without taking digital aid. You may even happen to use the one with expired dates when you have to use it abruptly.

    Always keep all the gift cards together in one place in a phone application then you can have access to whenever required. For this reason, one more thing you can do is to set reminders according to the time you plan to use it by their expiry date. In this way, you will not miss the chance to use it the correct way!

    Consequently, if you calm yourself down, not very eager to use your gift card in just anyway- You?d plan and use it to reduce the chance of either failing to remember after having kept it safely or reselling to someone which might not be a great idea! You could pile up in a single digital space in order to wisely utilize and not panic over getting the card stolen or scammed.

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