Dread Your 9-5? Try These 5 Entrepreneurships


Some people dread the idea of going to work every day. It�s a fact that there are many jobs out there that can be soul-sucking and offer little in return for viewers� time, effort or money. However, don�t let this discourage you from trying your hand at entrepreneurship instead! There are many wonderful opportunities to start your own business, and even if you don�t make it big, there is always something unique about being self-employed. Here are some ideas if you want to leave your 9-5.


If you�re looking for some guidance on how to start-up in the small business world, coaching may be right up your alley. Whether you want help with everything from branding yourself online or figuring out how best to market your product/service. Coaching could offer many benefits that traditional consulting doesn�t have. Plus, working one-on-one with someone who has been there before is always more effective than trying to piece together the puzzle yourself. Coaching is also a great option if you�re looking to make more of an impact on social or environmental issues. Why? Because coaching allows for more flexibility regarding how busy you are and where your services can be offered. Check out coaching and mentoring apps that could help launch your entrepreneurial journey.


It might sound like a lot of work to write your thoughts on the internet. But think about how many people in the world spend their time writing blogs they want other people to read! This can be incredibly rewarding because when someone likes what you have written enough to keep coming back every day, you could touch them with your words. Plus, websites such as Tumblr allow users who do not already know HTML coding languages., so anyone can start a blog.

YouTube Channel

We all have some talent or skill, and there is no better way to share those talents with the world than on YouTube. You could make videos about your favorite hobby, teach someone how to do something you know how to do well. Also, you can try out different makeup tutorials or whatever else interests you! On top of that, think of who might be interested in watching what you post: other people who enjoy having their time wasted by looking at fun things online? It sounds like a pretty great audience already! And don�t forget the social media aspect, since so many users are familiar with Facebook/Twitter. This means they�ll probably come across your content there as well.


This option is more time-consuming than the others on this list, but it can still provide excellent value for money! Think of ways that you could help people with their problems by giving them advice or even entertaining them via writing something interesting, which might not already exist online for free! However, like teaching, make sure there�s a market out there that will pay reasonable amounts of cash to receive these services. It doesn�t matter how wonderful your creations are if no one wants them. Thus, limit yourself at first and gradually branch out once you�ve become comfortable enough with the process. Plus, consider using sites where users can subsidize you regularly if they like what you�re putting out there.


If you have a story to tell, or you want to advise how others can do particular tasks (e.g., organizing their lives). Then podcasts are an excellent way of doing this! People may not always be able to read the information that they need, but everyone has access to earphones and speakers these days. Not only does it allow them more time for themselves, since they don�t even have to use their eyes/hands. But non-visual forms of media also help those who learn in different ways (such as people with dyslexia). And like YouTube channels, social media is vital for promoting your podcast to a wider audience.

Coaching, blogging, podcasts, writing, and having a YouTube channel are some of the many ways that people can create income for themselves. All without having to go through a pesky boss! These options may not only provide you with financial freedom but also help you become more confident in your abilities as well.


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