7 Types Of Auto Transportation Services

auto transportation

Moving can be a hassle, especially if you own more than one vehicle. Thankfully there are auto transportation services that make it easier. If you ask yourself “how does auto transport work�, you should know that there are a number of options available.

Method 1: Truck

You can keep it simple by getting a truck to carry your car to your new home. These trucks usually carry multiple vehicles on them while stacking them in front of or on top of each other. However, the cars have barriers, so you don’t have to worry about them bumping into each other during the trip.

This approach can be easy to find since many auto transport services offer it.

Method 2: Car

On the other hand, if you don’t want to transport your car next to other vehicles, you can have a car take it. Instead of a large truck transporting it, you can get a car or small truck to carry your car on its own. It can do this with a platform on the back of it or with a trailer.

This option might be better if you want to keep your car separated.

Method 3: Boat

If you plan to make a foreign country your new home, you should consider using a boat to transport your car. Boats work well since they can go across the water while safely taking your car to your new home. However, they can take longer than other options, but they work well for people who don’t need their cars immediately.

In short, you may need a way to safely transport your car overseas.

Method 4: Airplanes

If you don’t like the idea of waiting to get your car to a new location, you could go by airplane. Airplane transportation costs more, but it will get your car to your new home sooner than a boat could. This means you can also rest easy knowing you’ll have your car available once you move in.

You can also use an airplane to transport your car to another state.

Method 5: Train

You could also get a train to carry your car to the new home if you prefer. Trains work well since they follow a pre-determined path and don’t have as high of a risk of crashing into anything. On top of that, your car will have a cover over it.

By transporting your car on a train, you can protect it from potential damages, the elements, and other dangers.

Method 6: Moving Truck

If you like the idea of protecting your car from the elements, you could get a moving truck. Moving trucks work well since you can put your car in them, have the driver transport your car, and get it to your home quickly. This makes it a solid option for people who want to transport their car to a different state or city.

However, you should check with a moving company beforehand to make sure they allow cars inside of their trucks.

Method 7: Drive Away

Sometimes, you can go with the simplest approaches when it comes to auto transport services. For example, you could hire someone for a drive away which means they drive your car to your home. This makes it great for people who have more cars than drivers since they can hire someone to transport one of their cars and make things easier.


As you check the auto transport services available in your area, you can figure out which one works best for your car. Feel free to review these ideas, pick the one you like, and have a company move your car.


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