Travelling With Asthma and Allergies ? How to Combat With them!

travelling asthma and allergies

If you are an asthma patient, that doesn?t necessarily mean that you are unfit for travelling for a lifetime. Some people think that if an asthma patient, in any case, needs to travel, he should never consider travelling alone. Do you know it is not at all fair to restrict a person with certain allergies or asthma to travel with a family member or friend only? No, it is wrong. Why bind a person when he can easily handle travel with a few precautionary measures?

You can still enjoy a solo trip while suffering from asthma. But keep in mind the certain precautionary measures that we will be sharing here. Your utmost preference must be to seek maximum comfort and convenience while travelling. Compare airport parking deals at EzyBook and secure a suitable option for your car.

Make sure to keep the inhalers with you

  1. Never forget keeping your inhalers everywhere you go throughout the trip. It seems to be extremely horrendous in case of experiencing an asthma attack while being abroad, which would have been easily prevented with the help of inhalers. 
  2. Also make sure to carry a couple of extra inhalers too, and keep them in your hand-carry luggage for easy and immediate access. Make sure to pack your space if you are a brown inhaler user. 
  3. Keep your inhaler in a transparent plastic wallet to make sure that it passes easily at the airport security checks. 

Visit your physician before the trip

It is a great idea to visit your doctor before the beginning of your travel to make sure you are physically fit for travelling 

Ask your doctor to provide you with a specific action plan detailing what to do if you ever get an asthma attack. Do not forget to keep the name of your doctor and contact details. If you have a nebulizer, live with you while you’re travelling. Do mention your asthma problems in travel insurance

If you forget to mention asthma as a pre-existing medical condition in your travel insurance form, you will not get any cover. Sometimes it may prove to be a lot more disastrous if you are receiving a full-blown asthma attack and need steroids or a ventilator. It can cost thousands of pounds if you forget to declare yourself to be an asthma patient on your travel insurance form. 

Make sure to carry the prescription with you

If you are taking your prescription with you while travelling, it becomes a lot easier for you to purchase your medication if you have lost your medical supply. 

Make sure to keep your triggers in mind

There are a lot of factors that can trigger your asthma. In a few people, it has been noticed that asthma is triggered by high fever, so if it is the same case with you too, avoid doing in the area with high pollen content. Make sure to avoid going to places with lots of smoke and make sure to stay in the non-smoky accommodation when you are allergic to a smoky environment. 

If you are allergic to certain food ingredients, make sure that the food you are taking at the destination doesn?t contain substances to which you are allergic. Whoever is preparing the food, your airline, hotel, restaurant, friend or family member, do inform them regarding your allergy so that you are not presented with any such food. 

Carry the most up-to-do-dated injections 

Make sure to complete your vaccination against the recommended diseases ahead of your travel. This practice is important for passengers who are suffering from asthma because asthma patients are more likely to have lower immunity than others. It is better to get a piece of advice from your general physician or travel nurse before heading for the trip. 

Stay calm and focussed

Everyone knows his/her fitness level very well. You do not need to push yourself beyond the limit and prevent yourself from taking a break for resting purposes, when you are badly in need of that, especially during the trekking. The more you will try to keep yourself easy and relaxed, the easier it will be for you to spend your time at the destination.?

Exercise regularly to make you stronger

You can strengthen your body and lungs with the help of slow and gentle exercises. Exercise not only reduces your asthma symptoms but also greatly helps to minimize its attack. 

Avoid any challenging activities

Certain activities like scuba-diving and trekking can be a bit challenging for those suffering from certain asthma issues. Inform your instructor or guide regarding certain medical conditions and then make sure to follow their instructions while performing certain physical activities.

A few climatic conditions (humidity) may trigger your asthma, so be careful!

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Read the following tips to deal with sudden allergies or asthma attacks while travelling. Also, prebook long stay parking Stansted deals for your car.

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