Toyota Corolla Car Insurance ? Find The Lower Insurance Rates

The average cost of Toyota Corolla insurance is $1,400 per year, which is approximately $117 per month. However, there are various factors that can help in determining the true insurance cost of your vehicle. Here, you will get some guidance and information about how to insure your Toyota Corolla affordably.

These averages depend on the premiums rates asked by major auto insurance companies. The quotes are based on the model year, driving history, location, age, etc. Let?s get to know about the factors that affect the cost of Toyota Corolla car insurance.

Factors affect Toyota Corolla insurance rates

We all know that performance, repair costs, safety ratings, and other elements differ from one vehicle to another. Also, the make and model of a vehicle also bring an impact on the insurance rates. Due to this reason, auto insurance companies evaluate the risk of filing claims as well as the cost of paying these claims when computing the premiums. These characteristics of Corolla can affect your premiums.

Body type

The four-door sedan is designed to provide comfort and safety, which can help in lowering insurance costs.

Type of car

This entry-level compact car is not too expensive to maintain or repair, thus it can reduce the insurance cost.


This car has a higher theft rate than other vehicles, which can result in higher insurance premiums.


Corolla does not require much maintenance, and also it is less expensive to repair. Both these things can reduce the cost of insurance.

Safety ratings

Corolla comes with great safety ratings; it means you are likely to have cheaper insurance rates.

Fuel type

Corolla runs on gas, which makes it a car with cheaper insurance as compared to diesel or hybrid vehicles.

Trim & Packages

If you choose trims or packages that can increase the power or overall value of a car, this may lead to higher insurance.

How to compare Toyota auto insurance?

Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular vehicles in the United States. It is also well-known for its comfort and safety. You must look for these things to compare the insurance for Toyota Corolla.


You must know that coverage and features vary from one provider to another. You have to use the same information to get quotes and compare for similar options.


A higher deductible means lower monthly premiums. You have to choose the amount that fits your budget and situation the best.

Minimum coverage

Each state has different obligatory coverage requirements, so it is important to make sure that your insurance policy meets the minimums of your state before finalizing anything.

Additional coverage

When you shop around for the best insurance rate for Toyota Corolla, you must think about additional coverage, like personal injury protection, medical payments, etc., and check whether these options will work for your situation or not.

Manufacturer offer or loyalty discount

You must also check if the manufacturer is offering any special offer or loyalty discount through working with auto insurance companies.

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