Importance And Benefits Of Ambulance For Employees And Employers

A crisis can come thumping at your entryway whenever. Whether you are in the luxury of your home or while you are at your workplace. It is always best to be prepared as it can help save the lives of many. And if it is one life that you can save from a tragedy then it’s a job well done!

How did the unavailability of Ambulance services create chaos during COVID-19?

In our current situation, where a pandemic has had the entire world grasping for health and safety, it is of paramount importance that an organization ensures the health and well-being of its employees are given the deserved attention and action. Corporate offices, in view of being emergency prepared, are opting for ambulance services both on-call and on-site, to safeguard and keep the employees safe in times of contingencies.

One of the situations that created chaos during the pandemic was the unavailability of ambulance services due to high raise in their demand. Not a long time ago, news was flooded with cries of families and patients with the difficulty they faced to get an ambulance service. The 1916 helpline, which was launched by the Civic body to address queries related to Covid-19 received a large number of distress calls over non-availability of ambulance services across the city. About 400 calls were made daily by those in need of ambulances for ferrying either suspected patients or confirmed Covid-19 patients to hospitals from home. In just 29 days, above 32,000 distress calls were related to ambulance requirements and bed availability in hospitals. That is about 50% of the calls received!

The shortage of ambulances hit people hard as they struggled to get it on time. Many times, they had to wait five to six hours as the demand increased. During an emergency, people move to other means of transport like auto rickshaws and taxis. Their absence due to the on-going lockdown further put a lot of load on ambulances to carry patients to hospitals even if they were stable. Since the start of the pandemic, many individuals have affirmed that their relatives passed on as they didn’t get an emergency vehicle on schedule. This also saw an absurd price demand by few insensitive ambulance providers who misused the situation to pocket a large sum of money. 

Ambulance Services at Workplace

A representative experiencing sunstroke or on occasion heart-related sicknesses, an awful fall at the workplace with escalated dying, or pregnant representatives requiring some consideration; are situations that come to our minds immediately when we speak of an employee at work needing medical help. Corporates owe it to their employees to provide the basic medical support during an emergency. It is a huge responsibility and regret to lose a life just because an ambulance was not available to transport the employee patient to a hospital in time. 

On-Site Ambulance Services

To cater to such emergencies at work or at an official event, many companies provide two types of ambulance services – on-site and on-call. As the names indicate, an ambulance-on-site refers to having an ambulance stationed at your location for quick attention and action to respond to a medical emergency. While ambulance-on-call refers to having to call an ambulance when the emergency occurs. Both these services have distinct and crucial roles to play.

On-site ambulances ensure that the employee receives prompt professional medical attention and treatment during the Golden hour which goes a long way to save a life or reduce the damage. In a crisis, the paramedics in a rescue vehicle are very much prepared to direct life-saving treatment with incredible versatility. This service is highly recommended for work environments prone to accidents, like construction sites, factories etc. This service is opted even to be available temporarily during an event just in case of an emergency.?

On-Call Ambulance Services 

Today, responsible companies, by default, have on-call ambulance services as part of their employee health and welfare plan. Many corporates choose our on-call ambulance services. Whether the emergency is for an employee while at work or for the employee and their family to avail the services any time a n emergency occurs. Many companies? partnership ensures that the employee gets the ambulance all the time and is safely and rightly transported to a professional medical care available. It does not matter how large your organization is, the services can be tailor-made to suit health care plans for various work force.

Companies need to consider these services more so during the pandemic situation. We have already seen the stress it creates for a human being when such services are unavailable at a critical, life-threatening time! With work from home being the norm, one way for employers to connect emotionally with their employees is by having their back at such times. It helps to develop a strong sense of safety, belongingness, and loyalty towards the brand.

Benefits of enrolling for Ambulance Services:

1. Assured availability of ambulance for an emergency:

A fleet of ambulances which ensures it is always available for your needs. Ensure professional medical transport is always available for you and your employees.

2. Transparent pricing and cost effective:

Many corporations assume that providing health care and medical transport facilities would require a huge expenditure. It is not so! Wide presence and fleet of ambulances enables us to be effective and filter the cost benefit to our partners. 

3. Professional and trained staff:

Companies hire professional and fully trained paramedics. They understand the criticality of providing the right and timely pre-hospitalization medical support to a patient.

4. Different types of ambulances: 

Various offering is not just restricted to the ambulance services via roadways. But also, via boats and air. And depending on your needs you can choose from Advance life support to basic life support ambulance. 

5. Call centers: 

You are also provided by tele support to guide a patient till the professional medical help arrives.

Why should employers consider partnering with Healthcare providers? 

1. Employee Retention:

Providing your employees healthcare benefits will increase their loyalty to the organization, making them stay longer. Giving this advantage additionally helps in enrolling a quality labor force. Offering any sort of worker benefits is the best method of expanding usefulness close by fostering an incredible organization culture.

2. Boost morale and productivity:

As an employer, you need your representatives to stay spurred and center around being more useful. Offering medical care benefits gives a positive sign that the business thinks often about the workers and this, thus, persuades and drive the group.

3. Competition and attract talent:

Organizations that offer medical care advantages to their representatives draw in a larger number of individuals than the ones which don’t offer these advantages. This will additionally build the opposition among managers with a similar size and line of business.

Many individuals took to social media to express their gratitude to the company that they work for showing small but meaningful gestures during this pandemic. Human Resource initiatives which make the employees feel the company is part of their lives – beyond the professional – can have a huge impact. These will not only help to build a lasting loyalty but also motivate your employees to contribute their bit effectively while attracting more new talent to work in your company.

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