Top Things to Do After a Breakup

pirate romance novels

George and I were sitting on a bench, holding each other’s hands. We met after a long time.?

We romanced for a while, and then he stood up, suddenly. ‘Sorry, Jean, I have to go’. ‘Why George’? I asked him. He left, without saying anything.

I was really surprised. I went behind him, but he didn’t stop. George’s gifts, a bouquet, and a bunch of pirate romance novels fell from my lap.

I picked them up, but when I saw him on the street, George disappeared.

pirate romance novels

Furthermore, I reached home. My phone beeped. When I saw, the notification, there was a message from George. 

He said that he is ending our relationship, and traveling to London. I was shocked and sad. I called him, but his phone was off. 

?My eyes poured with tears. I didn’t know what to do next? It was tough for me to get accepted in the next few months that he is gone.

I will elaborate more, about getting on with my life, in the following lines:


In the early days, I used to cry, I used to blame myself. My thoughts were on the reasons, for the break-up. I used to never conclude. Many times, I was feeling, guilty. 

My bedroom lights were off. 

I used to scroll, though, my phones, to see my selfies, with him. I used to smile, then suddenly I would realize, that he is no more, then again sadness prevailed.

Deleting George’s number

It was the most difficult thing to do, but I forced myself and deleted his number. That’s not all. I erased?I love messages, which he sent me. I know, that was a little mean. But I had to do it.

I even went on my Facebook page, took time, to see, and deleted, all the videos, photos, which were there for a while.

For instance, I also removed George, from my friend list. Some of my friends posted several, comments. Everyone had their own opinions, some were criticizing me, and others were blaming George.

The next thing, I did, was to block him, Furthermore, I deleted Facebook, from my phone.

I was on the verge, to restart my life, without him.

Hanging out with friends

My friends came to my home, we sat in the car. We all bought and enjoyed scoops of ice cream. I was happy to get a cold treat 

It was a mood lifter for me. We took some rides, in Disney land as well. My friend and I were shouting, on roller coaster rides.

All the people moving around in the park were starring at us. We just waved them.

Some kids, started jumping, on the floor, their parents were looking at us. They were angry with us, but we were laughing, and hiding our faces, with our hands. It was a fun day, we were joking, and laughing.


I never realized that reading books can be fun. It helped me, calm down, my nerves. I spent some hours, looking for some book titles, in a library, near my home. Some are listed below:

Becoming By Michelle Obama

I just got, hooked to this book, right from its first chapter. She gives details, about her life, right from the beginning. The main take-away from her memoir is as follows:

Education Comes First

Michelle’s neighborhood was changing. Many people shifted, out of her town. She still lived and pursued her education.

She worked hard, during, her early grades, and achieved great scores. She also got noticed, by her teachers. They also worked closely, with her, to excel.

Chasing dreams

When she was in college, many people doubted her ability. Furthermore, she was amongst the top 10 students in her batch.

She didn’t bother, to listen to their comments.?

She joined Princeton, where most of the students, were white. Luckily, she joined the Third World Center, which provided support to students from foreign countries.

There she met Czerny Brasuell, who becomes her mentor. Michelle spent time, with her; Czemy guided her, told her to read some good books. She also gave answers to lots of questions, which Michelle asked her.

My Story Written by Jo Malone

In her autobiography, Jo tells, about her success story, from a school dropout, due to her sick mother.

She was suffering from dyslexia. But she didn’t up. She has a good sense of smell. Jo started making bath oils, for her clients. Soon this business grew.

She moved to London and opened her first store in 1994. After 5 years, she sold that business to Estee companies.

Jo didn’t stop there, she started a new brand ‘Jo Loves’. Soon it became a famous brand. She had come up with, different perfumes, which had made her celebrity.

Jo also suffered from breast cancer, after she becomes a mother of a baby boy.

I liked this book, it was an inspiration, and helps me feel better. I would recommend this, to everyone.

It also gives guidelines, for women. It is a must for those, who want to become independent. My thought, on this, are, that it is one of the best books for starting a business.

Many people give up in their lives after they face challenges or hurdles. But Jo took it as an opportunity, to become a successful businesswoman. I admire her, for her efforts.

I didn’t let thoughts, of George, distract me. Although, I worked on myself, went for so many, sessions with my psychologist. I even started going to the gym.

I become more focused. Luckily, I got another job. My life becomes better. I made new friends.

I got married to Tim, and become a mother of a lovely boy John. In the end, I thank GOD, for easing my difficulties in life.

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