Top 4 magnificent IDEAS to reuse your old winter clothes:

leather jackets

I believe we all must have a pair or two of simple leather jackets. Most black and brown leather jackets are most common and must have a type of leather item. Many people think that when they get bored of aany winter clothing items, the simple idea is to throw them out or give it to some charity and buy a new one. Charity surely is a good thing to do but do you know that you can also use your old clothes to create different and exciting new outfits??

leather jackets

Take out all your old clothes out of your closet no matter if it’s a decade old brown leather jacket or your most favourite woolen coat. You can upcycle them while using some simple and easy technique. Here in the article below I am sharing 4super easy ideas to reuse your old winter clothes. So let’s have a look at them. 

Change the lenght: 

If you are tired or bored of wearing the same old coat/jacket for years then this simple DIY can help you to create a new look from the old coat. You just need a scissor, needle and thread. If you have a long length coat then a simple idea is to cut the extra length off and convert the long coat into a short length coat. Also you can use this extra coat material as a frill or make ruffles out of it. Stitch this extra fabric as afrill over the collars or on the sleeves to add an extra style. 

In addition to that, you can also convert a short length coat to a longer one by adding a contrasting fabric. Decorating it with a small embroidery or jewellery pieces can make old coats more stylish and attractive. 

Add a new collar: 

If you have an old brown leather jacket and you are wearing it for several years, try something creative. And turn your old brown leather jacket into a new one. Small efforts just like adding a new collar to the same old coat can change the overall look so much. All you need to do is cut down the old leather collar and replace it with something even interesting and exciting like add a contrasting colour color like white, grey, or off white. In addition to that you can also experiment adding some faux fur in the place of the collar. 

This idea is easy and simple to apply. You just need a few things: a new collar, some faux fur, a needle and a thread. 

Add buttons or Laces: 

You can extremely change the look of your old coats by just adding/changing a few buttons on it. Take out your long dumped coat out of your wardrobe and replace its buttons. I would suggest you add some popping color buttons to make it more attractive and eye-catching. Like how about adding red color buttons over a simple plain black coat? Or you can also use some other contrasting colors as well. 

The old coat/jacket can also be converted into a new style by adding trim laces. You can add your favourite left over laces on the sleeves or collars to give a new life to the same old dull coat/jacket. 

Other decorating items like a small brooch, jewels, studs or embroidery items can also drastically change the overall look of old winter clothes. 

Add a new belt: 

Adding a waist belt into the old jackets and coats is one of the most common ideas and trust me this simple DIY can bring a lot of change into your old jackets or coats. Just take out any of your old waist belts and wear it over the same old jacket/coat. This belt will not only look stylish and fashionable but at the same time it will keep the coat tight and hence you will be saved from the cold breezes.

My suggestion is to take contrasting color belts. Like a white belt over a black coat, or a off white belt over a brown leather jacket/coat. Also you can use some popping color belts like yellow, red or neon to add an extra charm to the same old winter coats.?

Wrapping up: 

So guys have you seen how simply you can upcycle your old winter clothes and can use them for years. In the past few decades the concept of fast fashion has ruined our planet and the lives living over the planet. It’s a moral duty of everyone of us to be responsible human beings and work for the betterment of this planet. 

Do you guys have some great ideas to turn old clothes into new ones? If yes then feel free to share them in the comment section below. 

That’s all. 

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