Top Maruti Dealers in Kochi

Maruti is arguably one of the most identifiable car brands in the country, manufacturing cars in different segments�from pickup trucks to minivans, hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs and CUVs. The entire range offered by Maruti boasts of high-performance, good mileage, elegance, durability and safety. Maruti also has a top-notch after-sales service commitment and operates authorised service centres, all over India. It is no wonder then that the brand is immensely popular among vehicle buyers. 

Maruti has a vast network of dealers spread across the country, through whom the company sells its cars. We have identified the top four Maruti dealers in Kochi so that you can head to their showrooms for a hassle-free car buying experience.  

Indus Motors

We have good reason to place Indus Motors on top of the list of authorised Maruti dealers in Kochi. Yes, we intend to have Indus Motors top the list. In the last 36 plus years that Indus Motors has been in existence, the company has gained a reputation of being the best Maruti Dealer in Kochi. That is the reason that compels new car buyers to choose them over other dealers. Here is an impressive fact, to prove our point�every 15 minutes, a happy customer drives away in a Maruti car, from an Indus Motors showroom. Now that is something to be genuinely proud over.

The dealership is a 3S centre; which technically means that it extends services, such as sales and services as well as repair and spare parts. Indus Motors is a one shop stop, for all your car needs. Indus Motors sells the entire range of hatchbacks, MUVs, SUVs, Vans, Sedans and Crossovers. Just walk into the showroom to experience top-class service. You will be greeted by pleasant, knowledgeable staff, who will apprise you on features and specifications of each model and provide honest answers to any query that you might have so that you can choose the right model. 

Indus Motors gives you plenty of reasons to choose them for your next Maruti car purchase�right from selling the entire range of Maruti cars to selling cars at exceptional prices. Their special offers on vehicles give substantial discounts on specific models. Customers can avail of a multitude of other services, such as –

  • Test drive facility
  • Auto insurance service
  • Car Registration 
  • Finance (avail of their online loan EMI calculator)
  • ASS (after-sales service)

Are you expecting to sell or buy a used car? Well, Indus Motors can help you with that too. It is also a pre-owned car showroom that buys and sells old cars of all makes. Expect a reasonable price, whether you are buying or selling a vehicle. You will receive a certified used best car Bluetooth that has been serviced at the workshop and made to be as good as new. You can count on them to provide proper documents.�

Popular Vehicles & Services 

Popular Vehicles & Services is another approved Maruti showroom, in Kochi with above-average credentials. Popular Vehicles & Services has completed almost 35 years as a Maruti car dealer, and successfully so. The car dealer is among the few Maruti dealers with the 3S facility, in Kochi. A wide range of services are available at this Maruti car dealer unit, some of which are –

  • Selling New Cars
  • Buying and Selling Used Cars
  • Exchange Used Cars
  • Driving School
  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Car Servicing
  • Car Accessories 
  • Car Insurance
  • AutoCard
  • Periodic special offers on specific models

Maijo Motors

Maijo Motors is one of the newest Maruti car dealers in Kochi. They began operations in 2016, and rank amongst the largest Maruti dealers in the state. It boasts of being the largest 3S Maruti centre, across the country, offering various allied services. 

You can book Maruti cars at the showroom�hatchbacks, vans, sedans, SUVs and MUVs. A unique feature on their official website allows customers to compare different vehicles (up to three models) and get exact information on various aspects, such as price, basic information, standard features, engine, steering, brake system, suspension system, fuel, performance, mileage, interiors and comfort etc. The feature helps car buyers make an informed choice while buying a new car. You can use the interactive EMI calculator feature on the website to calculate the EMI for different periods and amounts. 

Maijo Motors has facilities to service and accessories cars. They also insure new vehicles and exchange old cars. Maijo Motors is a True Value certified facility, which sells pre-owned vehicles, with proper documentation. 

Sai Services

Sai Services has completed three decades as a Maruti dealer. It has branches in various locations in Kerala and cities in other states, such as Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Telangana and Goa. They are also dealers for KTM and Bajaj Auto, in Pune and Mumbai. 

Sai Services is a full-service facility that offers sales of new cars and after-sales service, along with car insurance, maintenance, repairs and accessories. 

Sai Services is also a True Value car centre, where customers can buy pre-owned cars that have been through over 375 quality checks before being put up for sale. They assure customers of verified car history of every vehicle. 

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