5 Ways to Make Your Eyes Pop

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul. They’re often the first thing anyone will notice about you. They can communicate your emotions better than any words. It’s a feature everyone should highlight. Try 5 ways to make your eyes pop to see how many heads turn your way.

1. Choose Your Cosmetics Carefully

You need to have a repertoire of go-to eye makeup before you get started. You should always apply a primer to your eyelids and the area above your eye that runs up to your eyebrow. Think of it like the foundation you apply to your face. The primer will give you a cleaner look and it will help the rest of your eye makeup to adhere to your skin. You will be able to avoid smearing or flaking.

2. Look Above and Below Your Eyes

As you get ready to apply your eye makeup, you need to give other areas around your eyes some attention. You should use a concealer that is applied beneath your eyes to even out your skin tone. This is a simple fix for blemishes or fine lines near your eyes. You will eliminate any dark shadows that take away from your mesmerizing gaze. You also need to focus on your eyebrows. Thin them out by plucking any straggly hairs. Give yourself a shape that creates the illusion of lifted brows. Use an eyebrow pencil to emphasize the curve of your brows while darkening them at the same time.

3.Take a Layer Approach for Eye Shadow

The first step to an amazing combination of colors on your eyelids is your base coat. Choose a lighter color that will cover your lid. Choose a color that is even lighter to brush across your brow bone and above your eyelid. Choose a darker shade of shadow that will add contour by applying it in your eyelid’s crease to the outer corner of your eye. Use a larger brush to soften your shadow by blending it in.

4. Focus on Your Lashes

Your eyelashes play a major role in highlighting your eyes. You have a few choices when you want to give them a boost. You can try an eyelash curler to enhance the shape of your lashes. You’ll lift them up to give everyone a clearer view of your sparkling gaze. Try dabbling in eyelash extensions that you apply yourself or you can have them applied by a professional. Be creative with your mascara. If you have green eyes, look for mascara in deep green. If you have baby blues, pink or purple mascara could really snag everyone’s attention. Hazel eyes and gold mascara can really wow a crowd. Don’t forget to use eyeliner. Add a short streak of liner on your bottom lid that doesn’t run all the way to the outer corner of your eye. The top application of the liner should run the full length of your lid. If you want your eyes to look more dramatic, use a broad stroke.

5. Experiment with the Color of Your Eyes

If you really want to change things up, give cheap color contacts a try. You can find a wide selection of colors that are available in lenses with or without a prescription. This is your chance to see how you would look with a brilliant blue or smoky gray gaze. Play with different colors according to your mood or what you are wearing. Break out something really dazzling when you have a special occasion. See who notices something new about you when you show up with your new look.

Take a little time out of your day to make your eyes stand out before you head out the door pros and corn. You’ll boost your spirits and your confidence when giving your appearance some extra attention. Try a variety of brands, products, and colors to find winning combinations. Don’t forget to use a good eye makeup remover before you go to bed every night. Moisturize your skin as well on a daily basis. The healthier your skin is, the better your results will be. Alternate between over-the-top and subtle options on a whim. Others will want to know your secret for creating eyes that really pop.

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