Top Instant Preparation Ideas for Passover

passover preparation ideas

Preparing for Passover is quite complicated and needs a lot of effort. During the Passover celebration, the preparation of the Seder meal is very important. Also, it is one of the tedious jobs. By adopting a few tips and tricks, you can easily prepare a Seder plate without any problem. Usually, there are six or seven different items required on the Seder plate. But, none of them is very complicated to prepare. Along with Seder preparation, there are various important things that you need to consider. If you want to prevent yourself from all these hassles and celebrate Passover while relaxing, then you should consider booking a seat in Passover programs in 2021. Here, in this blog post, I have mentioned few tips that will help you to prepare your home for Passover quickly.

1. Place Order For Passover Meat

During Passover time, the price of meat goes high. Therefore, it is recommended that you should place an order for a meal now. By placing an order for meat in advance, you can get it instantly delivered to your home. If you want to purchase meat from the nearby market, then you can avoid long queues during the time of Passover.  

2. Organize Your Closets

Cleaning the house is one of the biggest chores during Passover. But, if you plan everything and do all the preparations according to the plan then you can complete all preparations quickly. When you follow a planned approach then all these things will become quite easy for you. You should also consider taking the help of your family members for Passover preparation. You should tell your kids to clean their closets by themselves so that this task can be completed quickly. Also, make sure that you have perfect clothes for the Passover celebration. Otherwise, go shopping now.

3. Shopping For New Clothes

It is recommended that you should create a clothing size chart for your family and start shopping quickly with the starting of the sale. You should shop during the time of sale. It will not just help to save money, but also let you complete the task of shopping quickly. You can prevent yourself from the headache of rushing around in the days before Passover.

4. Create A Passover Center

You should start cleaning your home for Passover and consider taking the help of your family. The home cleaning will also let you remove chametz from your house. Also, you can start storing Passover items properly. It is recommended that you should start your cleaning from the storage room so that you do not face problems in storing Passover items.

5. Kitchen Inventory

Once you have done shopping and home cleaning, then the next thing you have to do is take a look at your kitchen inventory. You should find out what kind of kitchenware and cooking tools are required for Passover. If you are going to celebrate Passover for the first time, then you have to purchase special kitchenware and cooking tools. All these utensils and tools will be stored in the special Passover Kitchen inventory. You should designate a separate place for storing the Passover wares. Do not mix your Passover wares with everyday utensils.

6. Passover Food Shopping  

You should make a list of food items that are required during the time of Passover. You should make a separate list of perishable and non-perishable food items. Take the list of non-perishable food items and start shopping. Preparing a list will prevent you from the hassle and you do not need to run the market several times. After purchasing non-perishable food items, you should start storing them in a separate pantry. You should organize the grocery bags properly so that you do not face any problems later on. Make sure that the storage room is free from chametz before start lining up grocery bags. When Passover is approaching, then take a list of perishable items and start purchasing them.

7. Create Separate Passover Kitchen

You should not wait for the morning to start cooking Seder plate meals. Therefore, it is recommended that you should create a separate Passover kitchen in the basement or any other open room in your house. You can start preparation for Seder in advance to prevent yourself from last minutes hassle. You just need a slow cook, cutting board, a few knives, aluminum tins, and a freezer. In this mini kitchen, you can prepare Passover meat dishes and freeze them.

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