5 Tips for Throwing a Perfect Corporate Holiday Party

Corporate Holiday Party

The holiday season is here, and most of your employees are looking forward to having an exciting corporate holiday party. Some often get terrified by these parties and only attend as they feel compelled. Indeed, there are many things to enjoy at a corporate holiday party, but some prefer to have private moments. They rather have fun in their way than spend extra moments with bosses when it’s after-work hours. The Society for Human Resource Management’s survey results revealed that 30% of workers didn’t participate in corporate holiday parties in 2015.

However, if you can throw a perfect corporate holiday party for your employees, it can turn out to be enjoyable. Such a party can also provide you with an opportunity to improve employee satisfaction, relationships, and cultivate a sense of belonging.

Here are the 5 best tips to help you throw a memorable corporate holiday party for your employees.

1. Set a Date That Suits All Your Workers

When planning a corporate holiday party, ensure you secure a date that works for all employees. Ensure you consult your employees about the date to set a day when everyone will be comfortable.

Besides, you should consult with company managers about the date to ensure that majority of them will attend the party. You should suggest 2 or 3 different dates and allow employees and managers to voice their opinions. Also, be ready to accommodate other suggestions from your employees regarding the appropriate date, even if it’s different from your recommendations.

2. Prepare a Budget

It’s most likely that your company already has a set budget for throwing corporate holiday parties. However, if your company is new, you can collaborate with managers to prepare a sufficient budget to throw a perfect holiday party. There are various items you have to feature in your corporate holiday party budget. For instance, decide how classy you want your party to look, the number of attendees, and any form of activities you intend to include. You can also approximate the costs for food, decorations, venue, or any other relevant items on your checklist. Thus, preparing a detailed corporate holiday party budget is crucial for throwing a perfect party for your employees.

3. Choose the Right Venue

When it comes to the venue for hosting your holiday party, ensure you choose a location that your employees will enjoy. It’s also advisable to select a venue out of the work environment to create a different vibe for your employees. Make sure your venue fits the theme of your event, if it is a formal affair then you will want to express what the dress code is. This way employees know if they need to pull out their blue tuxedo or not.

Since most businesses will be hosting their holiday parties, you will likely encounter competition for the same venues. Therefore, ensure you book your venue early to avoid getting venues that don’t match the kind of party you intend to host. Besides, ensure you choose a venue that is easily accessible, has ample parking, and has necessary entertainment facilities. Ultimately, choosing the right venue will go a long way in making your corporate holiday party enjoyable.

4. Order the Right Foods

When planning for a corporate holiday party, food is a critical aspect that can make the event a success or a failure. You have different alternatives to choose from regarding food supply at your party. For instance, you can host the event in a restaurant, hire catering services, or rent several food trucks for the event. Whichever alternative you choose, you need to plan for it in advance.

Additionally, you should consider that some employees may be under strict diets and inquire about what they can comfortably take. Given this, you can collaborate with your catering service provider or restaurant to ensure all food alternatives are available. In the end, addressing such issues can help you throw a perfect holiday for your team.

5. Hire an Experienced Event Planner

Consider hiring an experienced event planner to put all the necessary details of your holiday party together on your behalf. An expert party planner can collaborate with you to develop a party that suits the employees’ needs. At times, it may be difficult for you to plan every detail of your holiday party because of other duties you need to perform. Therefore, hiring an experienced party planner can allow you time to attend to other matters. Besides, professional event planners are capable of helping you throw a perfect holiday party for your staff.

Final Remarks

Planning for a perfect corporate holiday party can be challenging at times. You require skills and tips for throwing such a party. For instance, you need to set a date that suits all your workers, prepare a detailed budget, and choose the right venue. Additionally, you need to order the right food for everyone and hire an event planner if you are preoccupied. Overly, using these tips, you can be sure to throw a perfect corporate holiday party that your employees will enjoy.

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