Top 7 Bhutan Hotels For A Budget Stay

The kingdom of Bhutan has time and again attained recognition for its pristine nature and rich biodiversity. As a result, Bhutan hotels have consistently provided visitors with spectacular vistas for those seeking to get closer to nature.?

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Many top hotels in Bhutan provide a luxurious stay without spending a fortune. These hotels not only promise a wonderful stay but also ensure that the course of your stay is free of boredom. 

Let?s look at our top picks of Bhutan hotels without further ado:  

#1. The Pema By Realm   

A sumptuous hotel on a budget 

Nestled right in the heart of the capital city of Bhutan, Thimphu, The Pema By Realm is one of the finest affordable Bhutan hotels that will surely amaze architectural buffs. It is one of Thimphu’s most luxurious hotels, with a rooftop that offers a stunning view of the city.???

The Pema by Realm is a 4-star hotel with 27 rooms, a wide range of services, and modern amenities to ensure a pleasant stay. The hotel rooms include floor-to-ceiling windows that display artistic d?cor and give a stunning charm to the living space.??

Aside from that, the hotel offers concierge services, free WiFi, and so much more. 

What’s more? The hotel is close to some of Thimphu’s most popular sites, including the Royal Takin Preserve, the Colossal statue of the Buddha, and more.???

The Pema?s Zhiwa Spa  

Zhiwa Spa by The Pema By Realm offers exquisite and high-level spa therapy with highly trained masseuses. In addition, the hotel promotes health and well-being with Swedish and Balinese massages, which is difficult to find in other Bhutan hotels.???

#2. Nirvana Inn   

One of the luxurious Bhutan hotels in Paro town

There are many luxurious Bhutan hotels in Paro, but the Nirvana Inn has to be amongst the most affordable choices.?

This hotel offers cutting-edge services and luxurious accommodations ideal for a cozy and comfortable stay. In fact, one of the hotel’s main attractions is its location, which allows guests to stay in a setting surrounded by Paro’s lush fields.  

The hotel is within walking distance of the famed Rinpung Dzong. Guests are provided with neat and spacious rooms with fully equipped modern amenities.???

Even better, the neighborhood is well-known for biking, and auto rentals are also offered at the hotel. You’ll be provided a continental breakfast every morning.???

#3. Kingaling Hotel   

One of the Bhutan hotels in Punakha for architectural lovers?

If escapism from your life’s reality is what you’re looking for, then the Kingaling hotel in Punakha valley is the place for you. One of the finest Bhutan hotels, this hotel may easily offer the best staycation in Bhutan as far as hospitality is concerned.??

The majestic fortress of Wangdue Valley and one of the most popular farmer’s markets are also located here, so your accommodation will be within walking distance of the area’s key tourist attractions.

Chances are, you?ll likely enjoy a direct view of the fortress’s architectural grandeur. 

If you wish to stay close to the main tourist sites, restaurants, cafes, and cultural events in Punakha, this is one of the ideal Bhutan hotels to make your reservations.???

At Kingaling, you can stay in an elegant room, dine and savor the delectable Bhutanese recipes in its finest diners. Furthermore, the hotel has a spa with skilled therapists and a conference space for all of your business needs.??

#4. Zhiwaling Resort In Paro   

One of the Bhutan hotels in Paro with magnificent interiors?

Set on the outskirts of Paro, the Zhiwa Ling Resort lies among the gorgeous mountain ranges. The buildings resemble a fusion of pre-historic Bhutanese architecture and new-world structures.

The main lodges and cottages are skillfully handcrafted with religious carvings. It is a five-star Bhutanese resort with 45 beautiful suites. The Zhiwa Ling Hotel in Paro is well-known for its excellent service and knowledgeable staff.

Providing an insight into the country’s traditional architecture, the Zhiwa Ling resort is one of the finest Bhutan hotels to consider.

Let?s get you in on a little secret of the Zhiwa Ling resort: Their infrastructures are made from 450-year-old wood from Gangtey Gonpa in the Phobjikha Valley.

#5. The Four Boutique Hotel   

One of the Bhutan hotels on Budget in Punakha

The Four Boutique Hotel is one of the few Bhutan hotels in Punakha that offers a unique experience. The hotel provides its guests with an experience that rivals some of Bhutan’s most lavish hotels while staying on a budget.?

The Four Boutique Hotel offers a luxury choice in addition to its standard hotel rooms for guests to stay in. When it comes to the hotel’s amenities, guests can expect rooms equipped with the latest tech to make their stay more comfortable.?

Surprisingly, the Four Boutique Hotel in Punakha features an in-room buying facility that allows guests to purchase from the convenience of their rooms.?

#6. The Village Lodge Bumthang   

One of the Bhutan hotels in Bumthang to immerse yourself in the Bhutanese heritage

Located in the heartland of Bhutan, the Village Lodge in Bumthang is one of the finest Bhutan hotels that features a museum-like lobby where visitors can appreciate Bhutanese heritage.?

Guests staying here can relax in the outdoor area that provides breathtaking vistas of the mountains. The 3-star hotel includes a restaurant and a bar with a lounge. 

However, it is designated as a smoke-free guesthouse. There is no charge for self-parking. On-site amenities include 24-hour room service, a 24-hour front desk, and a recreational zone with various floras exotic to Bhutan.

The Village Lodge Bumthang has 9 rooms with free WiFi and bathrooms with tubs and showers. So, book your stay at the Village Lodge in Bumthang, which is often considered the Switzerland of Bhutan.????

#7. Le Meridien, Thimphu   


One of the extravagant Bhutan hotels in the capital city?

Now here’s the thing: it may not be one of the cheapest Bhutan hotels, but Le Meridien in the capital city features all the amenities that are worth your money.

Thanks to luxurious hotels like the Le Meridien, Bhutan is among the ideal honeymoon destinations in Asia. From the hotel’s uppermost rooms, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the capital city.?

Not only that, but the hotel includes a swimming pool and is a true example of luxury, and the hotel’s fitness facility is a great place to stay in shape. In fact, there are so many other amenities at the hotel that it’s impossible to name them all.   

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Bottom line 

Bhutan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and we are thrilled you decided to visit. You will love all the incredible attractions, but most importantly, it is natural to wonder where to stay on a Budget in Bhutan. 

The list mentioned above of carefully curated Bhutan hotels on a budget are our favorites. You now have the perfect options to suit your style and, of course, your budget.
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