Top 6 Useful Plants Suggested by Vastu Experts

Vastu expert in Noida

Plants are more than just greenery and fresh air in the vicinity. The right kind of plant can provide remedial solutions and bring prosperity to your house. Almost everyone has a curry leaf plant in their house as they use the leaves in their meals every day. Other than curry leaves, the basil plant is also very common in the Indian household. These are the common plants, as there are many other planting options that top Vastu consultants in Delhi NCR highly recommend for positive impact.

Vastu expert in Noida

Aside from prosperity and good health, several plants play vital roles in our lives. Vastu Shastra explains that some plants have the power to detoxify the surroundings and take the negative elements out of the house. Best Vastu expert in Noida & Delhi NCR with a profound experience of interior Vastu suggest that specific plants kept in certain areas of the house can do wonders for you and your family. Let?s look at the following list to see what other plants you might need at your residential place:

1) Basil (Tulsi)

We worship Tulsi in India and most of the families carry a basil plant in their front yards and balconies. Besides the devotional significance, basil is also known for its healing properties, therefore it is considered the queen of the herbs. If you are also planning on getting one, keep the plant in the north or east directions.

2) Neem

There are hundreds of health problems that can be treated with the help of neem. Interestingly, every part of the neem tree provides some kind of remedial benefit. As per Delhi-based award-winning Vastu consultant Manavv Chawla, you can get a neem plant and keep it in the northwest direction of your house for maintaining the health of your family.

3) Money Plant

Professional interior designers and Vastu Shastra consultants recommend having a money plan in the house for good fortune. Most people don?t see its influence because they place the money plant in the wrong direction. As the experts suggest, the southeast direction is suitable for keeping your money plant and seeing its benefits in a short span.

4) Citrus Plant

The citrus plant is popularly known as Buddha?s hand in many regions of India as it brings prosperity and growth to the household. Vastu consultants state that it is the finest choice amongst all plants to maintain luck and happiness in your family.

5) Aloe Vera

When it comes to treatment remedies, there is nothing more powerful and beneficial than an aloe vera plant. Besides all these advantages, the aloe vera plant also provides oxygen and purifies the air in the atmosphere. Keep your aloe vera plant in the north or east directions to experience more benefits.

6) Bamboo

Bamboo is considered the symbol of health, wealth, and happiness. Scientific Vastu experts claim that bamboo plants help in maintaining the balance of luck and peace in the house. Besides Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui also admits the significance of bamboo plants in the household.

Other than these common Vastu-oriented plants, snake plants, lily, lavender, and banana plants are also known for their positive effect on the interior of residential and commercial properties. If you want, you can consult a professional Vastu expert to get more information on choosing the right plants for your home.

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