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Living in a space that’s become too familiar can really have an impact on your lifestyle and mood. If you see the same thing every day, there is very little chance you would want to also make changes in your life. Upgrading your space is a great way to hit the reset button and give you a chance to appreciate the space you already have. Here are a few tips in achieving that.

1. Rearrange your furniture

Before you go on a shopping spree for new home furnishings, why not first take stock of what you have and see if there’s anything you can to make your space attractive without spending cash? One cost-effective yet very effective way to upgrade your space is by simply rearranging your furniture. Try moving the sofa away from the wall, or arranging living room seatings differently.

2. A fresh coat of paint

If you have the time and patience, applying a fresh coat of paint is always a great way to breathe new life to an old space. Plus, painting is something almost everyone can do themselves. Allot a weekend to the project and make sure you cover areas you don’t want to get paint on. You can even ask for the help of friends and neighbors in exchange for food and drinks. It would make for a great weekend bonding experience.

3. Let the light in

The best way to upgrade space is if you allow as much of natural light in. So take down your heavy curtains and replace those blinds. A nice thin curtain allows some light to pass through while also giving you some privacy. A space abundant in natural light is a space that feels relaxing and great for hanging out.

4. Play with mirrors

We all know how mirrors expand a space; make it appear bigger than it normally is. It can also be a great way to bring light into areas of the space that doesn?t get much of it. A great place to place mirrors opposite windows to catch the light or right against a wall to expand the space a little bit. Also, mirrors are relatively cheaper than, say, buying new furniture or doing a major renovation.

5. Setting the tone

As they say, first impression last and to make sure that you’re setting the tone right for your space on your guests, get a nice and welcoming doormat. Do away with those cheap ones. Instead, go for mats that are made of better material with a touch of personality. If not at your local home goods store, you can try searching online for the right one.

6. Backsplash details

The kitchen backsplash is usually one of the things that get tossed to the sides when you’re thinking of upgrading your space but paying more attention to it could mean the difference between a bland kitchen and one that is unique. Unlike roofing materials, there are a ton of options for a kitchen backsplash. You can use bricks, concrete, or tiles. You can even paint it in a solid color that complements the rest of the space.

7. Hardware upgrade

In wanting to change up the look and feel of your space, it’s usually the small details that add up to make a huge difference. For the kitchen, a minor yet profound change you can do is simply changing the hardware on shelves and drawers. You will be surprised how a relatively cheap upgrade to your kitchen cabinetry changes the overall appearance of your kitchen space.

8. Photography d?cor

If you’re looking to upgrade your space without spending money, then it’s time to take out your old photographs and postcards. You can put them together with a string and hang them from the ceiling against a wall. This will inject a much-needed personality to your space, not to mention remind you of the memories you’ve made. You can even group them according to events or years. If you don’t have enough pictures to decorate, you can print some from your smartphone camera roll.

9. Color coordination

It’s always nice when space seems like it’s been put together with some thought. Usually, there is a lot of planning involved from the very beginning but you can bypass this by choosing small items in the same color and placing them around the room. An orange ottoman that matches the orange through pillow which matches the orange coasters on the coffee table which matches the orange vase by the side table makes the room well put-together.

10. Green explosion

If you’ve seen social media lately, people have jumped into the bandwagon of indoor plants. Not only plant a great addition to the indoor space, but it also makes your space a lot more comfortable and relaxing. There are a ton of indoor plant options that you can go for and most of them require very little attention. As a practice, how about starting with a few succulents since these thrive when they’re left alone.


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