benefits of yoga

    Brief History Of Yoga

    Yoga is the gift from India to the world. Discovered 5000 years ago by maharishi Patanjali still stand out to be one of the best way to cure many diseases and to improve the mental and physical fitness of the body. Yoga was first mentioned in the Rig-Veda. The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word ?Yuj? means to join or to unite.

    Benefits of yoga

    Yoga has immense benefits. Yoga has the power to refresh your body make your mind sound good and also have the ability of cure or mitigate diseases.

    It is said that a person who consistently practice yoga from his/her younger age keeps the doctor and the diseases away also his/her ability to keep his/her mind stable and take decision in difficult situation also optimises.

    It is advised to practice yoga if you feel anxious or if you are in stressful condition and not able to take decision or depressing thoughts and popping in your mind yoga will surely give you a way to get out of the problems.

    Yoga for flexibility:

    Due to our modern habits of working most of the time on computer or laptop and using smartphones we face problems as we get older as with age our flexibility reduces. People starts feeling different kind of pains like shoulders pain , back pain etc. the best way to mitigate this issues or not to face this issues in the your old age it is advised to do yoga to increase your flexibility as yoga alter this pains and give you good flexibility even in old age.

    Yoga to boost your physical strength:

    There are many simple asanas in yoga like one leg balancing or balancing yourself with your arms etc .Practicing this asanas over the course of time can help you increase your muscular strength and also to optimise your fitness.

    Yoga helps to improve your breathing:

    Breathing is something that we think is spontaneous and do not give much thought on how we should breath .A good breathing way can help you in many way. If you want to calm your body and mind in any tense situation then take a deep breath the will help you to deal with the issue. Practicing breathing yoga will increase your thinking will and also helpful to cure many allergies.

    Yoga meditation:

    Meditation is one of the best discovery by far to deal with many of the mental issues. If you are in stress feeling anxious, not able to concentrate yoga will play a vital role in dealing with this kind of issues. Meditation is advisable for students.

    Yoga to heal your organs:

    Yoga has the capability to heal your internal organs and also improve blood circulation. Yoga heals organs like heart, kidney, and liver and also improves your digestion processes and even cures constipation. Yoga increase your life span and keeps your body look fresh and healthy and keep your thinking optimistic.


    So yoga indeed serves you with lots of benefits condition applied you practice it daily and consistently. Discovered 5000 years age is still the best remedy. From child to old anyone can practice yoga practice to boost his physical and mental strength. Yoga will surely bring the change you want in your life .It will surely reduce the pain in your body and will surely optimise your body. Will give a better version of yourself.

    So all the best and practice yoga.

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