Top 10 clothing brands for men in 2020


    Gone are the days when people aren’t concerned much about their dressing sense and style. Nowadays we care a lot about our outfits and thus do shopping often. The fashion industry had grown a lot with time when it comes to brands, surprisingly there are hundreds of them and counting.

    Fashion is not only about females, but these days males also make a great effort in making them look more fashioned and well dressed. Today we are going to feature some of the top clothing brands for men and I am sure this list will help you in buying quality outfits every time.

    1.Tommy Hilfiger

    Tommy Hilfiger is an America based fashion conglomerate and offers the best quality ready-to-wear for both men and women. It has made its mark and has been a lot of popularity among the fashion enthusiasts in just a few years after launch. This brand operates globally and no matter wherever in this blue planet you live, you can access their products both from online and offline platforms.

    When it comes to commodities, the numbers are just huge. From outfits to perfume and from footwear to watches, it offers almost every fashion product. Tommy Hilfiger is one of the biggest names in the world of men’s fashion industry.

    2.Polo Ralph Lauren

    Another American fashion brand and this time it’s none other than Polo Ralph Lauren. The fashion retailer was founded more than five decades back in 1967 and serve in most of the world. This fashion brand offers products of both segments, mid-range, and luxury ones.?

    The iconic Polo logo and golf T-shirts are the identities of this brand but it is more than that. Ralph Lauren offers products in basically four categories including clothing, footwear, fragrances, jewelry, housewares, and furniture. 


    The European region dominates the world when it comes to fashion brands and most of them are French and Italian. Gucci also has its headquarters in Italy and is one of the renowned fashion brands. This clothing brand offers a huge line of chic and classy outfits for men and I am sure you will fall in love with Gucci products. Make yourself look great with quality Gucci outfits and accessories.

    4.Calvin Klein

    Better known as CK, Calvin Klein is another entry of American origin in this list. If you are fond of leather products then Calvin Klein could be the best place for buying leather garments. It specializes in many other things including perfumery, ready-to-wear, jewelry, watches, lifestyle accessories, home furnishings, and multiple sorts of other fashion products.

    The fragrances and undergarments made under the brand name Calvin Klein are very famous and you must buy a couple of them if you hadn’t had any before. The best thing other than great quality and trend, CK products are quite budget-friendly compared to other famous brands and that makes a huge difference. 


    When it comes to denim, the brand Levi’s is like the king among the other brands. If you ever purchased a denim outfit of Levi’s brand, you will agree with me. It’s a difficult task to choose a brand for buying clothes and ensure they are worthy of your every penny invested. The brand Levi’s does fulfill all three requirements we look for in a clothing item and they are durability, style, and comfort. Nobody will need more reasons to invest in Levi’s products.


    The brand Diesel for the fashion industry is like Pizza for Italy, both are undoubtedly awesome. Diesel mainly focuses on the younger generation and provides the best quality and trendy outfits for them. If you are looking for quality men’s wear, the best you can buy from the This particular brand offers outfits of quite high-end range but they are worth the price tag.

    7.Flying Machine

    India’s own clothing brand Flying Machine is creating milestones in the global fashion industry and you must make an effort to be the part of it by investing in its products. This brand is coolest of its kind and believes in innovation, experiment, and pushing boundaries. Flying Machine is heading towards its journey on being a trendsetter and one can see this attitude in each and every product. 

    8.Dolce and Gabbana

    The iconic D&G logo has many stories to tell.

    This is among the fewest brands I personally consider ageless and timeless. This clothing brand has become better and better with time and always delivers what they promise. This legendary Italian brand was founded in 1985, some 35 years ago in Milan and the rest is history.

    It serves worldwide and produces outfits and other fashion accessories with great authenticity. You will always receive the quality and value of the money you have invested. Their products are of the wider range such as clothing, handbags, footwear, watches, sunglasses, perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry.


    Another entry of a fashion brand from the Italian mainland and its Armani this time. No destination more perfect for tailored suiting other than Armani and they really deserve it. This brand not only provides elegantly tailored suits but also a huge range of other fashion commodities including ready-to-wear, undergarments, swimsuits, shoes, bags, belts, ties, sunglasses, jewelry and the list goes on.


    Well, well, well, here’s the entry of one of the top sportswear brands. In recent days the demand and market of sportswear have increased drastically and Nike is the top supplier. The sports apparels must be made of best quality otherwise it can cause many health problems and Nike had earned its name by selling only the best possible quality sportswear and owns a huge loyal user base across the globe.

    Bottom Line:

    Men have become more conscious about their look and style nowadays and own a lot of trendy outfits, footwear, fashion accessories, and grooming tools. Irrespective the age, they are spending more money on buying the best quality clothes, cosmetics and other fashionable kinds of stuff compared to the old days.

    It’s better to buy a couple of quality clothes than flooding your wardrobe with low-quality and cheap outfits. Top clothing brands ensures premium quality as well as keep their products upgraded with time. The most future initiative, stylish and innovative men’s clothing items you can buy from the top clothing brands for men in 2020 are listed above and I am sure you will find it worthy.

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