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Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful home. The house has many sections that we know by names like Bedroom, Living Room, Bathroom, Kitchen, Garage, etc. All these divisions have their own feel, vibes, and importance. This requires you to be mindful of its use, importance, and feel when designing it.

There is no doubt that the kitchen is the most used and the busiest area of the home. From breakfast to midnight snacks, the kitchen is in constant use throughout the day. For all these reasons, it is necessary that we keep in mind the factors like accessibility, usability, and the feel during kitchen designing.

Again, kitchen cabinets are a significant element of any kitchen. It is the place where you store all the kitchen items.

Kitchen cabinets are typically made from wood or wood-like materials. This can be anything from hardwood and plywood to particleboard and fiberboard. However, cabinet materials largely depend on budget and personal preference.

Maple kitchen cabinets are well known and have been in trend for years. Maple wood is known for its durability, versatility, delicate texture, and smooth uniform grain. These all properties combined make maple kitchen cabinets a perfect choice for kitchen cabinets of any style and budget.

However, there are some pros and cons in using maple wood for kitchen cabinets. In this blog, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the maple kitchen cabinets.

Advantages of Maple Kitchen Cabinets

First, we will look at the top 5 advantages of the maple cabinets.

1. Versatility

Versatility is one of the key reasons why people often choose maple shaker kitchen cabinets. Maple wood enables you to personalize and customize the kitchen cabinetry that no other wood offers. Maple wood’s dark stains allow the homeowners to mimic it with the more expensive woods.

Its versatility allows the homeowners to use maple woods for constructing furniture and building apart from kitchen cabinetry.

2. Durability

Maple kitchen cabinets are highly durable in nature. Maple wood is more durable than other known hardwoods like oak, birch, or pine. Durability is the reason why it is highly suitable for kitchen cabinets. Besides, it is much easier to repair them than fix the kitchen cabinets made from other types of wood.

3. Great Appearance

There is no denial that maple kitchen cabinets look absolutely stunning. And this is the key reason behind its immense popularity in modern cabinets.

Maple wood is available in a range of warm colors, including neutral beiges, reds, browns, and chromatic greys. These colors blend with almost all home decor color schemes?besides, Maple’s less grain texture than other wood varieties accounts for its smooth, clean appearance.

In all, maple kitchen cabinets are the perfect choice to give your kitchen a rich European look!

4. Easy to Maintain

Maple cabinets are easy to clean and maintain compared to other wood cabinets. You only need regular sweeping and weekly mopping with a mild detergent to keep its glory alive. Besides, it would help if you buffed it every two years to maintain its luster.

5. Consistence Grains

Birdseye, curvy, tiger, flame, rippled, and wormy are some of the well known and sought after grain patterns which are often selected to design maple kitchen cabinets.

Maple wood’s definite graining contains fewer imperfections than other hardwoods, which gives it a cleaner and uniform look. Ultimately, these patterns enhance the overall look of the kitchen and form a striking impression.

All these advantages make Maple an ideal hardwood for the advanced cabinets.

Disadvantages of Maple Kitchen Cabinets

In this section, we will learn the other side- disadvantages of the maple cabinets.

1. Weather Sensitive

Just like other hardwoods, maple cabinets are sensitive to heat and humidity. The maple kitchen cabinets are not suggested for the homes where summer humidity is an issue. In such an environment, the maple wood will expand and contract, warp, and split.

Maple kitchen cabinets occasionally lose their luster when exposed to direct sunlight over several years.

However, you can use the dehumidifier to keep humidity levels in check. This will help the cabinets from shrinking and shifting.

2. Prone to Scratches

As the maple kitchen cabinets are made from hardwood, which has lesser grains and naturally light colors than other hardwoods, scratches and marks are bound to be visible on its smooth surface.

Therefore, it is advisable that you keep your pets and kids away from the maple furniture. You’ll also need to frequently polish the surfaces to maintain its glory.

3. Lack of Grain Variation

Maple does not offer much grain variation; therefore, some people don’t find it an interesting wood. If you are looking for maple kitchen cabinets with natural patterns, Maple is not the right choice.

Maple’s uniform and subtle grains give it a simpler look than other hardwoods. Maple is the wood for the people who prefer richness over patterns.

4. Expensive

Long-lasting and durable maple kitchen cabinets can be costlier than other hardwood cabinets. Maple’s premium quality, durability, and versatility come with a price tag beyond the budget for many people. Therefore, if the cost is a concern for you or if you are looking for affordable cabinets, choose the other hardwood like oak or birch.


Just like other hardwoods, maple woods too have many pros and cons. On the one hand, the advantages like durability, versatility, and appearance make maple wood a most sought after hardwood for kitchen cabinets. On the other hand, the factors like higher cost and temperature sensitivity make you think twice before choosing a maple kitchen cabinet.

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