Simple Tips For Wall Decorating Room By Room

    wall decorating room by room

    Did you move recently and have a plethora of blank walls you?re looking to fill? Or maybe you?re just sick of your current art decorations and are looking to start over. We get it! Decorating can fill a little overwhelming sometimes, especially if you don?t know where to start. Here we?ve broken it down into rooms so that you can start slowly and begin wherever you want. Read on as we discuss some simple but effective tips for decorating room by room in your home.

    Wall Decorating Room By Room – Your Simple Guide

    Art and photography can be a great way to add colour and personality to your room and the best part is that it doesn?t need to be expensive to look amazing. It can be personal, unique, or classic. No matter your style, the artwork or canvas prints on your walls is how you can brighten up any space. The right artwork can also be the thing that ties all of your furniture and walls together for a cohesive look that seems both intentional and effortless.

    Let?s start with the living room and then we?ll continue our guide for wall decorating room by room.

    Living Room

    The living room is often the focal point of any home. It?s right in the name – this is the place we do most of our living. That?s why it is really important to make sure that you style it in a way that fits you and your whole family. You probably want your living room to feel comfortable and inviting. Depending on your style, this could mean muted and subtle artwork, or it could mean bright, loud, and eclectic pieces.

    Whatever you?re drawn to, our tip for living room wall decorating is always a gallery wall. Gallery walls are our favorite because they can be customized to every individual. It can be a wall of photos that you love, it can be made up of silly or inspirational quotes, it can be a collection of abstract art.

    Start by making sure you have adequate space, maybe surrounding your tv or above your couch, depending on your home layout. Then choose your favorite gallery style. Maybe you are drawn to clean lines and matching frames. We love it. Perhaps you?re a little looser and love the mix and match style, where none of the sizes, medium, and artwork itself match. This is a great option for people who love to switch art in and out. The possibilities are endless when you decide to utilize a gallery wall in your living room.

    Dining Room

    The next stop in our wall decorating room by room guide is the dining room. Do you have a nice blank wall that feels too empty? Maybe your table is centered by the window and you have a little space on either side. When it comes to decorating this space, we think you should keep it simple. Let the dining room stay fairly neutral. One idea is to use one large canvas print of a watercolor scene to compliment your table runner. Another idea is to get a set of three split panel canvas to break up one large photo or painting.

    If you do just have thinner panels to work with, why not play up the kitchen theme and choose some dining inspired quotes? We?ve also seen family mantras and general well-wishes printed simply using black and white with bold frames – a style that works with nearly any other decorations in your home.

    Master Bedroom

    If you?re like most people, you?ve probably let the master bedroom be bare for a while. We get it! In our busy lives, it?s often that we aren?t spending much time in this room except when we?re sleeping. But the right artwork in the master bedroom can promote calm and peace and even more restful sleep.

    A smaller and more uniform grid-style gallery wall is a great way to add some interest above the headboard. The bedroom offers a place to get a little more personal. Consider using wedding photos or family vacation prints mingled with quotes and art about love and family. Because you are most likely using this room to sleep more often than not, we suggest using neutral artwork in here with soothing colors.

    Kid?s Bedroom

    Your kid?s bedroom can be a fun and magical place. We suggest that you get them involved before you get too excited about redecorating their space. Especially if you?re children share a room or are a little older, they might have their own ideas about what they want their room to be.

    With kid?s rooms, our tip is always to try to stick to a theme. Whether that?s a color, a sport, their favorite character, and more, it?s easier to fill the wall space when you have a theme to rely on. Plus, maybe their walls aren?t the focal point. If they have an amazing bedspread, choose soothing and light artwork that compliments their bed.

    Just like with the master bedroom, you want this room to be restful too, not just a place for play and creativity. Find a balance between fun and bright and calm and relaxing. They might even have fun decorating their own canvas to hang up!


    Don?t forget about the bathroom! A little artwork or tasteful photography can spruce up your space. You don?t have to go all out, as most of our bathrooms are small and usually shared space.

    We love the trend of adding nature prints to the restroom and then tying that in with live plants on pretty shelves. Maybe you play up the theme and add fun quotes about getting clean and washing your hands, a gentle but cute reminder to little ones using this room. When it comes to decorating this room, simple is best. Tie everything together with matching frames or colors and you?ll be good to go.

    Bottom Line – Canvas Is Your Best Friend

    Now that you?ve read all of our tips for wall decorating room by room, we?ll leave you with this last tip – use canvas! Canvas artwork is an affordable way to create a cohesive look around your home. It?s lightweight, so you don?t need a million holes nailed into your wall to keep it hanging. They are durable and easy to transport, so you can utilize canvas prints for years to come. Plus, with the internet at our disposal, you can create your own unique artwork that is beautiful and affordable with just a few easy clicks.

    Start redecorating your way and make your home feel the way you?ve always wanted today with canvas prints you?ll love.

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