Store decoration: checklist to succeed

    store decoration

    Before looking at the commercial equipment solutions that will help your store gain the prominence it deserves and in turn increase the loyalty of your customers, you must be clear about the pillars of commercial interior design. If you already know which brand image you want to convey, you are ready to see the tips that will make you succeed in your interior decoration.

    Decorating ideas

    A store is the reflection of those male or female entrepreneurs who decided to bet everything on a dream. Therefore, you should not overlook the decoration of this. Nowadays the aesthetics of any premises, for sale to the public, must be cared for and pampered in detail as it is the consistent reflection of who we are and what we do. Next, we are going to see some ideas that cannot be forgotten when we are faced with the decoration of stores.

    Furniture according to style

    Commercial furniture and consequently that of any store must be consistent with the overall brand image. A global brand image is not only associated with such popular brands as Apple, Coca-Cola or Dior, but any company, restaurant or store must implement its own values ??and act accordingly. Some of the elements that cannot be missing in your store decoration are:

    • Metal shelving: the shelves in your store must be fully customized, depending on your needs. You can choose between the different types of materials and finishes and even include any type of fa?ade with finishes: natural, lacquered or painted. Wooden shelves can also be an option if your brand image requires it.
    • Custom cabinets: Custom cabinets are also part of the commercial equipment that you will need for your store. Include as many as you need, without saturating the premises since it remembers that in a store the important thing is that the objects are in sight to provide them to the buyers, just as it happens in online stores.
    • Counters for shops: Essential element in the decoration of shops. You must select the type of counter that you want to include and give it a privileged place, taking into account the concepts of commercial interior design.

    Good lighting needed

    Lighting is essential in any store decoration. A good lighting of the premises or store could be linked to the sales results and especially with the customer experience, it makes them come back once more!

    As lighting furniture, we will not only consider the lamps but also the general lighting located on the ceilings. Remember to align this requirement according to the interior design line that you have marked to choose between a lighting of greater or lesser power.

    Slat panels, the star accessory for your store

    We talked before about the shelves, so necessary in this type of decoration but there is also another solution that you cannot miss: the slat panels. In the decoration of stores, the concept of saving space in favor of the user experience is important, this means that on many occasions it will be necessary to sacrifice space for products so that customers do not feel that feeling of overwhelm or oppression.

    For this are the slat panels, which installed on the walls of your store, serve as an auxiliary element of the shelves and facilitate the relocation of the products at any time.

    Floors, don’t forget about them

    Finally, we are going to address one of the most forgotten components in any reform or decoration of stores: the floors. These are often forgotten by shop furniture, but they are necessary in any decoration and by this we mean that it is not enough only that they fulfill their main function but also their aesthetic function.

    Surely you do not have an idea of ??the importance of flooring in any decoration, so we are going to see some types of flooring for your floor, which you can include depending on your objective:

    • Laminate flooring: When we think of laminate flooring, we relate it to private homes, but over time the evolution of materials has made them increasingly resistant and with better technical characteristics, which makes it valid to include in our decoration. You can also choose between many finishes depending on the tone you want to transmit.
    • Floating flooring: This refers to wooden floors that are not nailed to the support, unlike laminate flooring. It is also a viable option for your next store.
    • Carpet: This is a valid option as a floor covering. The carpets are comfortable and practical and they also adapt to any decorative style.

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