3 Tips For Maintaining Your Health and Beauty in 2021

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The year 2020 has left many of us feeling uncertain, anxious, and stressed. To manage this uncertainty and worry, it’s a good idea to make time and space for healthy activities, including dietary choices, stress management, and self-care. As we move into 2021, consider the tips below.

Fight Unhealthy Stress

A little stress is good for us if properly managed. For example, if you are working toward a certification, degree, or other training to help you find better employment, the stress isn’t fun, but if you can focus on your goal, you can manage it.

To fight stress that’s hard on your spirit, pay close attention to what you consume. Social media marketing accounts that cause fear and anger need to be left behind. Your outrage isn’t helping anyone, but it may be hurting you. Support those you love and avoid those who just want someone to fight with; they’ll find an opponent soon enough.

Consider the fictional media that you consume. How much violence do you experience off the television screen every week? Witnessing a murder in person is horrifying, and the stress that it causes can be lifelong and debilitating. That same stress, viewed over a screen, can still impact your body and brain. If you’re dealing with poor sleep, try reducing your violence exposure.

Eat Simply

We all know that a diet high in fresh fruits and veggies is good for your body, but the time and expense can be daunting. However, with some small changes and some planning ahead, you can actually eat better and lower your grocery bill.

If your family can manage it, go meatless one day a week. If this will cause a riot, try taking meat off of the plate as a single serving. For example, a hamburger is one serving of meat. Tacos or sloppy joes stretched with

  • finely chopped mushroom
  • rice
  • ground black beans

can be served on a whole wheat tortilla or bun for a delicious source of protein that’s lower in fat and in cost.

Instead of serving a chicken breast, cut the breasts in half and serve them over brown rice with a cheese sauce. Choose less costly cuts of chicken and make white chicken chili with navy beans, corn, green chilies, and corn chips. Sprinkle shredded Monterrey jack cheese over the top for a protein boost.

When you get home from the grocery store, immediately rinse your produce and allow it to air dry. Split out grapes into single serving sandwich bags, chop celery and carrots and store them in recycled pickle jars to keep them fresh, and stack apples on a pretty plate for a simple, healthy choice. Take action on the food you buy so it’s easier to access the healthiest choice.

Treat Yourself

If there’s something that’s bothered you for a long time, consider getting it done. Your cosmetic professionals, from aestheticians to plastic surgeons, have got this COVID-19 protection process down to an art form, so if you’re ready for a wrinkle fill or laser hair removal in Fort Collins, do it! You’ve got time to heal up at home.

Also, consider some of the non-invasive options for your self-care choice. A simple peel or a custom facial could be just what you need to be happier about your image. Cosmetic procedures aren’t just about getting the full facelift or liposuction, though if either of those very safe treatments would give you confidence, you should check them out.

Cosmetic procedures are about feeling that no aspect of your appearance draws from any other aspect. If you have been told you have lovely eyes but feel that your nose detracts from them, your eyes may not sparkle because you’re unhappy. If you have heard that your smile brightens the space but avoid using it because your eyes crinkle, then your eyes have been diminished. You deserve the confidence in every aspect of yourself.

We’ve all been told that nothing is promised. In addition, at this time, not much is dependable, either! By 2021, choose to make every activity a positive contribution to your mental and physical health. Break up with stressful people and storylines. Shop for foods that will protect and nourish you. Finally, address the things that detract from your confidence.

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