10 Things You Should Have As a Truck Driver

Truck Driver

Truck driving entails long hours in transit, which requires proper preparation for the journey. The long hours away from your home detach you from your usual environment, which may compromise your comfort. Therefore to minimize inconveniences, proper planning is the key.

Here are 10 things you should not miss in your truck as a driver.

1. Road Safety Tools and Equipment

There are numerous uncertainties that you can encounter while on the road. You can’t be sure when and where your truck will break down. You should pack cones and reflector jackets to make you visible while waiting for help.

Such kits will help draw the necessary attention to get the necessary help. Apart from these safety tools, ensure that you pack a warm blanket to keep you comfortable amid these uncertainties.

2. Loading and Unloading tools

In most cases, trucks are filled with different sets of goods that require loading and unloading. You may require to offload and load while on the road or at the destination. Some loading and unloading tools to pack include goggles, boots, hard hats, and gloves. These will help minimize harm during these injuries.

3. Food and drinks appliances

Even when driving your health should be a priority. You shouldn’t only focus on your truck and its conditions while on the road. You won’t be in good condition to drive your truck if you are hungry. Therefore, ensure that you prepare to deal with hunger pangs while on the road. Some of the packed appliances are insulated food bags and portable cooking machines.

4. Entertainment Gear

If you are a long-distance truck driver, entertainment gear shouldn’t be lacking in your truck. There are times when you won’t be driving around. For instance, when taking a break from driving or waiting to deliver or pick up goods.

Such moments can be long and boring which calls for some entertainment. Examples of entertainment things to pack include laptops, smartphones, and earphones.

5. First Aid Kit

The road is full of uncertainties like accidents which require you to be equipped with a first aid kit. Besides, it is a legal requirement for trucks to have such kits. Your kit shouldn’t miss disposable gloves, large dressings, plasters, and sterile wipes.

6. Personal Hygiene and Sanitation Gear

Even when on the road, you should uphold your hygiene. Remember to pack extra clothes, alcohol-based sanitizers, antibacterial wipes, and other toiletries. These things will help you feel clean and comfortable when away from home.

7. Extreme Weather Gear

You may not know when it may rain or shine, and thus you should always be prepared for extreme moments. Remember to carry an extra jacket and boots to help during the cold weather. Additionally, you should shield your truck from extreme weather by investing in gear like truck tarps.

8. Flashlight

A flashlight may seem unnecessary, but you may never know when duty requires you to step out of your truck to check the truck’s tires. If this happens at night, you remain safe as you will immediately identify and fix the problem. Otherwise, you will be forced to rely on third parties whom you won’t be sure to meet at night.

9. Sleeping Bag, Pillow, and Blanket

As you engage in your long driving experience, you will get tired and need rest. A sleeping bag, pillow, and blankets help in such situations. A little nap will re-energize you for the rest of the journey. These accessories are also more comfortable than lying on the truck seats.

10. Updated Road Maps and Atlas

Currently, truck drivers rely on GPS to find their way to their destination. However, you should have a backup plan in case of a technological hitch. Such accessories minimize the chances of being stuck on the road due to a lack of direction and fear of getting lost.

Forbes magazine notes that drivers should check truck devices to determine the ones working with a 3G or 4g network. Ultimately this will minimize avoidable technological hitches.

Final Thoughts

Organizing for a long road driving can be challenging as you may forget some essentials. However, with the right tools, you will enjoy your driving experience. Some things to carry in such circumstances include sleeping accessories, updated maps, flashlights, and extreme weather gear. Also, remember to carry first aid, entertainment, food and water, loading and unloading, road safety, and personal hygiene gear. These things will make you comfortable as you carry your errands.


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