24hr mobile tyre fitting mechanics answer your common queries

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Here are a few questions related to tyre replacement that are commonly asked by vehicle owners.

How often is it best to replace the tyres of your car?

On average a tyre needs to be replaced with a new one every ten years. But if a tyre undergoes puncture or any other damage frequently then you may have to replace it earlier.

How can you be certain that a tyre needs replacement?

When the tread depth of a tyre sinks to 1.6 mm or lower it means the tyre needs to be changed without any more delay. There are gadgets readily available in the market to gauge tread depth of tyres. Alternatively you can also make use of a 20 pence coin to carry out this test. Insert a 20 pence coin into the shallowest part of the tread of a tyre and watch. If the coin completely sinks into the tyre then the tyre is still usable but on the other hand if the rim of the coin remains visible that means the tread depth has sunk below 1.6 mm and the tyre must be replaced immediately.

Is it possible for a mobile tyre mechanic to change one of the tyres at home?

 Yes, it is possible for a mobile mechanic to visit your home to change a tyre. The service will be available at your convenient date and time. Other than coming over to your home on request a mobile tyre mechanic can also visit you at your workplace or any other location you specify to give you the precise service. Even when you are stranded on road, back and beyond of anywhere, these professionals will reach you to provide the on-location service.

What is the benefit of run flat tyres?

A trained and skilled mechanic who provides the service of mobile tyre fitting west in London explains run flat tyres are a variety of tyres that is meant for modern vehicles. The range of products has a speciality, its sidewalls are reinforced. As a result even if there is a puncture in the tyre, you can still drive your vehicle on it at a lesser speed and up to a limited distance. Usually these limits are 50 mph and 50 miles respectively. Thus reaching a garage safely on a punctured tyre is possible and there is no need to replace the tyre by the roadside.

Why does a tyre blow out?

As a tyre gets older it becomes it goes on becoming increasingly weaker. A weak tyre past its prime is prone to punctures. Such tyres may hit a pothole hard on the road at a high speed and develop a puncture. However the same may happen to a new tyre which is overinflated. Nails lying on the road may also result in tyre punctures. You should always maintain the right air pressure in your tyres to keep them healthy longer.

Does the service of tyre fitting come under warranty?

As far as mobile tyre fitting is concerned usually it is not covered most of the warranties. So you have to meet the expense out of your own pocket.

Is insurance coverage valid for tyre fitting jobs?

Usually an insurance coverage does not extend over mobile tyre fitting. These are mostly out of the pocket expenses that you have to bear on your own. However you may have coverage for a specific tyre and in that case you can easily claim the cost of mobile tyre fitting. Mechanics who deal with mobile tyres in West London suggest going through your papers carefully to understand whether or not you can claim.

How costly are mobile tyre fitters?

Mobile tyre fitters are well-aware about the breakneck competition that exists in the market. As a result they maintain a reasonable pricing to suit every pocket. Moreover unlike conventional garages this category of professionals does not have to shoulder a number of overheads like the establishment cost of running a garage. Thus it is possible for them to pass over these financial benefits and as a matter of fact they often charge you lesser for the services compared to that in garages.

How much distance is it possible to drive on a flat tyre?

There is no uniform answer to this question and actually it depends on the kind of tyre you have to decide how much distance you can drive a vehicle on a blown out tyre. With run flat variety of tyres it is easy to drive a distance of 50 miles on a flat tyre although you must drive at a reduced speed and stop over at the nearest garage that comes your way. But when you do not have run flat tyres fitted to your vehicle, in that case you must stop your and park it at the nearest safe spot before calling for help.

How reliable is the option of mobile tyre fitting?

Mobile tyre fitting is not just reliable but also an excellent option to get the problem of punctured or blown out tyres solved easily without a fuss. In fact this service is ideal for those who prioritise ease, time-saving and convenience over anything else, assures a mechanic who provides the service of 24hr mobile tyre fitting in London.

In the following section of this we will discuss something important and related to your safety on the road while driving. How will you recognise the condition of misalignment or incorrect alignment of a wheel?

When the wheel alignment of your vehicle is not correct then your vehicle shows certain symptoms. It is important to recognise those symptoms fast and get the problem sorted out before it makes the condition complicated. These symptoms include the following –

  • Your vehicle will pull either to the right or left while driving
  • The steering wheel starts vibrating whenever you drive at higher speed (This issue automatically leads to fast wearing of tyres; even chances of a tyre blowout are quite high in this condition)
  • Fast and uneven wearing of tyres – misalignment of the wheels prevents smooth rotation of the tyres and thus the tyres wear out pretty fast

The problem of wheel misalignment should not be ignored and left to linger suggest mobile tyre fitting in West London. The problem does not only affect wearing and wear patterns of your tyres but also imparts a lot of undue stress and strain on the suspension components of your vehicle. When the problem is correctly sorted you will get the feel of it from better and improved handling of the vehicle.