Things to know about 2022 Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid

Plug-in hybrids? sales have gone up massively as more people are enjoying what these cars offer. One of the vehicles that are considered by many to be an excellent automobile in this segment is the 2022 Hyundai Ioniq plug-in hybrid. Hence. If you are planning to buy such a vehicle, you have to know about this car before visiting Clementon Hyundai dealership. So, take a look!

Responsive powertrain

People looking to purchase a plug-in should take a look at this vehicle in detail as it offers remarkable performance and more. This plug-in hybrid combines an electric motor along with a four-cylinder 1.6L engine. It is paired with a dual-clutch automatic 6-speed transmission for smooth operating gears.

Be it a twisty or rough road, this Ioniq version will offer the best driving experience. Its responsive nature helps to have an ideal response to all steering inputs and allow a driver to have a firm hold when on a road.

Clementon Hyundai dealership

 Even when pushing this automobile hard during corners it feels competent and stable, something that is missing from most of its rivals. Moreover, it always provides a composed and refined ride quality that is quite unexpected for people who has no idea about this car.

Regenerative braking is modulated by drivers using paddles provided by the manufacturers. Hence, it allows people to opt for the driving style one-pedal, which Tesla made famous among electric vehicles.


The cabin offered for this plug-in hybrid is exceptional because it has it all. From comfortable and spacious seating arrangements to upgraded techs, the Ioniq plug-in hybrid provides owners with everything they need. Even the entry-level trim is nicely equipped which makes it quite appealing to people.

Interior is created using sustainable materials, which are sourced from volcanic rocks and sugar cane composites. Moreover, it will hold as much as carry-ons as any of its competitors.

Moreover, standard options include an 8-inch touchscreen display for accessing its infotainment system. Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, USB and auxiliary ports, etc. are some of the available features that are equipped inside this cabin. However, top-level trims come with optional 10.3-inch screens along with a host of other features.

To check out the interior and learn more about it, you can visit Clementon Hyundai dealer. You can check the comfortability, driving experience, and more before deciding whether this is the correct plug-in hybrid for you.


The Ioniq plug-in hybrid starts from $27,845 and the remaining two trims include SEL PHEV at $30,845 and Limited PHEV at $34,295. It will completely depend on you which one will suit your requirement the most.

Most buyers go for the Limited version; however, the SE PHEV and SEL PHEV, both are nicely equipped and can be purchased without any worry.

These are some of the things that you need to make sure that you go through before getting this car. If you are satisfied with it, then book it. It is one of the best plug-in hybrids to buy and thus, make sure to take a test drive of it as soon as possible.