Important things to consider when buying good quality curtains

Got the wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, and furniture for your new home done? Well, there?s one element that you simply can?t ignore ? curtains! Believe it or not, they are one of the most crucial part of home d?cor and can instantly change the tone of the room. They can either be breezy or substantial, light or ornamental, solid-colored or printed ? the possibilities are truly endless. Thus, finding the right curtain for your home may seem a bit confusing. Luckily, we can help you get sorted.

Tips on how to choose quality curtains

Almost any designer would tell you that curtains add a level of charm to every room, albeit only if chosen correctly. So, here?s our brief but helpful guide on how to find the right curtain for your room.

  • Color and fabric: Clearly, the material of the curtain dictates how long it will last or how well it will hold up over time. This is why the fabric is the most important aspect of choosing a curtain. If a curtain is too heavy, it may not fold properly when drawn, and if it?s too light, it may not fall well! So, you?ve got to find the perfect balance. Also, sunlight will fade the curtain over time. So, if your room gets plenty of direct sunlight, it would be smart of you to avoid too bright colors, as they tend to fade faster. As for the materials, you can always opt for silk, linen, faux silk, and velvet, as they hang the best. In fact, faux silk is a lot durable than some of the other curtain fabrics and is thus frequently used in good quality curtains. That is not all! Some fabrics help keep out the cold. This is why hotels use suede, velvet, and tweed, as it blocks the light and keeps the heat in.
  • Length and lining: Before you take a tape out to measure the height of the door or window, you may first want to figure out how high above the windows you want the curtains to begin. Naturally, hanging the curtains higher gives a sense of depth to the room. Designers prefer hanging curtains about 6 inches above the window for a dramatic look. If you prefer a more traditional look for the curtains, add another two or four inches to the length, for them to be puddled on the floor. Adding a few inches on the sides is great if you don?t want the curtains to block the window when they are open. This is of help all the more if you want to shut out the sun completely.
  • Custom window treatments: Custom window treatments are particularly of use to people who have a weird window size. Some curtain platforms or shops allow you to customize the dimensions of the curtains to your window size. Such panels come in different designs ? whether in terms of the header style or the choice of material. However, the tailored look comes at a slight premium when compared to the otherwise simple, off-the-shelf curtain panels.
  • Maintenance cost: The choice of material or fabric of all good quality curtains determines how often you need to clean them. While all curtains should be washed every 2-4 months, few fabrics require more care, while there are others that can be machine washed. So, if you are looking for a low-maintenance fabric, opt for cotton or synthetic fabrics. If unlined, these can be machine washed, but if they are lined, you can give them hand wash. That said, any curtain that comes with pleats or swags, has to be dry cleaned. Wool, sheer, and silk curtains must either be dry cleaned or must be hand washed in cold water.

Key takeaway

Getting your curtains right can be a bit difficult, and that?s why we recommend Kevin Blinds. The company offers at-home consultations to help you decide on colors, textures, finishes, and even the choice of fabrics, such that it blends well with the look of your home. If you prefer consulting with the experts via the internet, they snag suggestions from interior designers or even hook you up with a professional designer to help you pick good quality curtains that complement the look of your home. So, feel free to connect with Kevin Blinds at [email protected] or via 1800 888 588 and find out how they can help you in finding the perfect curtains for your space.??