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The general notion that birthdays come and go is kind of an old fashioned thought now. Whether it’s a baby arriving into the new world, that precious 1st birthday, a milestone 18th or 21st birthday party or a large cake to share with old friends and a large family on a 50th birthday, there is one thing that remains constant. That’s the attractive edible sugary goodness placed on a bed of soft linen. The Big Beautiful Cake!

In the past, having a personalized birthday cake, made by mom or dad was a favourite. The love and passion for baking would translate into a beautifully decorated and wonderfully designed soft sponge cake. However with constraints in time management due to the fast-paced world we live in, some of the best cake outlets in Mumbai have opened up, offering you their collection that you can pick up in a jiffy or pre-order the flavour and shape you like. 

However, Toujours is much more than that. Our personalized birthday cakes in Mumbai will be the cherry on top of your splendid day.  If you love Toujours cakes for what they are, you have a list of specially crafted flavors and designs already made. Just order your birthday cake online in Mumbai – the Chocolate Noir cake you desire or a decadent Roasted Hazelnut Crunchy Cake you don?t want to miss. An elegant display of fruity-flavored cakes is at the top of the charts too. The Gateau Ananas and The Fresh Fruit Gateau appeal to customers who prefer a lighter option. The Red velvet cake is a classy way of gifting your boss on a special occasion. To seek the homely style in your cake, the Foret Noir is the perfect cake to surprise your mum or dad on their birthday. To add a bit of drama and theatre to a best friend?s wedding, Toujours – Chloe ticks all the right boxes. You can call up the phone number or email us or visit our website and leave us a message and can also choose to opt for cake delivery in Mumbai.

Toujours commits to creating an out of the world experience for its customers while still staying true to its deliciously indulgent flavors. Being in the business for more than 35 years, first as ?Cake and Candy Shop? in 1984 and now setting up Toujours in Andheri West, Mumbai, our birthday cakes are designed with precision with globally sourced ingredients that are made with no preservatives. Hence we recommend a few storage techniques on our website when you purchase our cakes.

With our very own online delivery, you can create your own kind of birthday cake in Mumbai. Just tell us what you have in mind and accordingly we will create the most stunning cake for you and deliver it right to your doorstep in a good condition. If you would like to order a birthday cake in Mumbai and you are based in another part of India or the world, worry not, our talented bakers can whip up the most whimsical cakes and you can avail of hassle-free online cake ordering and delivery in Mumbai.

The ultimate online cake delivery in Mumbai is a great place to hang out with friends, loved ones and family. Anything can happen over a slice of deliciously indulgent cake, always at Toujours

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