From Concept to Clicks: The Journey with a Website Design Company

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A well-designed website is essential for businesses to grow online and to reach to a number of customers. It doesn’t matter if your business is of small, medium or large scale, crafting a website that can fulfil its purpose is the key for growth of business. Customers these days trust more upon businesses’ online presence than their physical presence, and their purchasing behaviour largely depends on user experience (UX) and reviews for which a good website with good website design is mandatory. From our experience as one of the best web design company in Kolkata, would like to share some insights on how a journey with a website design company can kick start your business and create strong foundation for ultimate growth.

Working as a website design company in Kolkata we help our client grow their business by becoming their strategic partner. We divide our projects into several phases and works according to the needs and branding requirements of our clients. However, sometimes we do provide suggestions and guidance on several aspects of branding as well as designing elements if our client falls in any kind of dilemma on what to choose.

Checkout below the different phases of our project development lifecycle:

Step 1: Goal setting phase

As a first step of any of our website designing project, we discuss with our client what they want from the website. This involves selecting the right type of website for their business which can be a dynamic website, static website or an ecommerce website. Then comes selecting the branding options, which involves analysing the business’s sector, identifying the targeted audiences, checking competitors and many more. This is done by meetings with the client where our web developers and business developers take account of every minute and later implement it in the project for giving out the best results and satisfaction to the clients.  

Step 2: Planning phase

Being the best website design company in Kolkata we can assure you that this is the most important phase of the project development life cycle. After receiving the information about the goals of the website our developers initiate the planning phase where they map out how the website will look, function and operate. This usually goes through the following steps:

  • Developing a strategy for SEO
  • Creating a site map for navigation
  • Content review and development

Step 3: Design and functionality phases

This phase is the main part of the project development as developers in this phase takes care of the designing elements and makes sure the website is efficiently functional. In this phase our developers takes care of the following aspects:

  • Working on website’s appearance- This is being done according to the branding requirements of the clients. We as one of the best website design company in Kolkata understands that first impression is the last impression for which our developers strives in hard in making the appearance of the website appropriate with right use graphics, content, fonts and other elements overall enhancing the design of the website
  • Increasing traffic with SEO- Our developers also makes sure that best SEO practices has been used to optimize the website by using strategic design elements such as keywords, metadata and backlinks for improving the overall ranking of the website
  • Mobile friendly website- Websites that aren’t mobile friendly are of no use because of the rising number of smart phone users. Majority of website viewer access web pages from mobile for which our developers always makes sure that websites are mobile friendly and have same functional efficiencies.
  • Speeding up the website- Slow loading web sites can be a negative turn on for viewers and can affect conversions overall hindering business growth. Studies have shown if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load then 40% of visitors click away and look for elsewhere. It can also lead to lower page ranking for which our developers always makes sure the website loading speed is optimum.
  • Boosting sales and engagement– Generating sales is always the main goal for which one need to increase the website engagement. More engaging and appealing the website is the more will be the chances for generating sales. Thus, we focus on creating effective sales funnel and uses elements like call-to-action, making website easy to navigate, adding appealing design elements and many others.

Step 4:  Testing phase

After creating the whole website testing phase takes place. Here developers make sure that every element related to design and functionality are working properly. Such as all the images or graphics are showing properly, all navigations and backlinks are workings, contents and fonts are not altered and like these many areas are tested before launching the website.

Step 5: Launching Phase

After testing the website in this phase the website is being launched and make it live. Once the site has been uploaded our developers still run tests to make sure everything is working properly and site is fulfilling its purposes and goals.

Step 6: Updates

This is more of continual process that of a phase where our developers keeps in updating the website for maintenance as well as for edits in the content or information as per client’s request

Being in the field of web designing and working as web design Company in Kolkata, we have shared our working process and how your journey with a website design company can look like. Web designing is important for all kind of businesses to elevate their online presence. We provide the best web designing company in Kolkata offering best web design solutions in affordable prices as well as providing guidance throughout the project development lifecycle. Checkout our website and contact us for more information. 

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