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Wearing your Designer Fragrances is just as significant as adorning your choicest clothes. Remember always the kind of scent you wear can make or break your personality. A fragrance plays an indispensable role in a women?s closet. Whether it?s a date night or a workday in office, fragrances give us a pleasant aura. 

The Fragrance cosmetics perfumes present the complete infographic on fragrance notes. These ingredients are essential to make up the perfume. Some of the mainstream fragrance categories note include oriental, woody notes, fresh notes and floral. There are myriad notes that are put together to form enticing as well as enticing fragrance. 

These fragrance notes are additives that make up a fragrance. Scent makers and perfumes aficionado discreetly pick the notes to make sure it smells both delightful and pleasing. 

Top notes are those that you smell instantly after the application of fragrance on your skin. Fresh and floral notes are always the top notes. Floral notes add an amazing natural feel to the fragrance. Whereas, woody notes are much preferred by men. Every individual has their take on fragrance. 

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Check out this Infographic to know more about fragrance notes.

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