Why and How To Wear Cologne Perfume Eau De Toilette

Eau De Toilette

Buying a fragrance can get tricky at times. Most men do not know the difference between a deodorant and cologne. In fact, most men think that all fragrances are the same. Well, this is not the case and sprays are often categorized differently. For instance, a Toilette (Eau de Toilette) is a light spray that is comprised of 5-15% pure perfume essence that is dissolved in alcohol. They are one of the most common perfumes on the market as they are easy to wear and have moderate lifespans. A good example of such a fragrance is the long-lasting Aspen by Coty Eau de cologne spray for men. So why and how do you wear cologne perfume Eau de Toilette?

Well, the reasons to wear it are very simple. As stated it is a fairly moderate category of light cologne. Consequently, they are affordable, have moderate longevity and are fairly easy to wear. Also, there are the obvious added benefits such as the additional confidence that comes with smelling and looking good.

Things get a bit tricky when it comes time to wear it. It is estimated that only about 20% of men continuously use fragrance. Therefore, it is not unusual to find a man who does not know how to wear a fragrance that they bought. If you are such a man, then I got you covered. Here are some tips that will help you better utilize your new perfume Eau de Toilette.

1.     Moderation is Key

When it comes to any perfume, moderation is the best option. Even though this category of fragrances is easy to wear, it should not be underestimated. If overdone, fragrances can easily become overwhelming. This is a bad thing as people will find it hard to stay close to you. On the other hand, applying too little is also bad as the fragrance will die down a lot faster. It is up to you to find out how much is just right. This can be done easily by asking family and friends as you head out.

2.     Apply to pulse points

Pulse points or heat spots are parts of the body that usually radiate heat. This category of fragrance is mainly reliant on heat as a means to diffuse. Consequently, you are bound to get better projection and sillage if you spray these fragrances here. Also, spraying fragrance on these points will make it last longer. Some of these hot spots are the neck, chest, forearms and inner elbows.

3.     Do not rub it dub it

Every fragrance is a chemical at its core. Consequently, rubbing in the fragrance is causes some disruptions in the molecular bonds. This causes the fragrance to have a weaker smell. A great way to avoid rubbing is by spraying the fragrance 3-6 inches away from your body. This will cause the mist to be distributed more evenly for faster skin absorption. On the other hand, in the case of a fragrance without a sprayer, you should use the dubbing method. This is where you use your fingers to evenly dub the fragrance.

4.     Reapply only when necessary

Reapplication of a fragrance can get quite tricky and a lot can go wrong. First, carrying the fragrance around can lead to some expensive accidents. Next, it is hard to gauge how much fragrance to use. Lastly, it generally leads to the wastage of fragrance. Here are some tips that can help you hack these problems.

You can eliminate the need to carrying the fragrance around by the use of a simple hack. Using some cotton balls and zip lock bags, you can make an improvised touch-up bag that is easier to carry around. This will help you prevent the wastage and accidents that come with carrying the fragrance. Lastly, you can use advice from family and friends to roughly gauge how much fragrance you need to use when reapplying. In my personal experience, it is often half of what you usually use.

5.     Shower before application

It is very important to have a shower before wearing a fragrance. Showering improves the performance you get from a fragrance in two ways. First, it eliminates body odor. This is important as bad body odor can negatively affect a fragrance. Second, showering also opens up pores on the skin. This makes it easier for the fragrance to be absorbed into the skin.

6.     Spray directly to the skin

Human skin produces some natural oils that mainly make up our body?s natural scent. Oils in fragrances mix with these natural oils to form a unique scent. Also, spraying fragrance on the skin lets the fragrance last longer as it will easily get absorbed. Consequently, it is advisable to use fragrances directly onto your skin.

Final verdict

 The journey to finding a signature scent is not an easy one. once you find one these tips will help you use it properly.


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