5 Eye-Catchy Table Decoration Ideas for Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is a special occasion and they are also a chance for distinguishing and celebrating the commitment two people have made to each other, whether that happened 5, 10, 25, or 50 years ago. Such a special occasion is a great time for throwing a party and celebrating love and lasting promise besides friends, family, and loved ones.

For a coupe to make it to their 50th anniversary is pretty a feat, so if your parents or other family members are interested to celebrate that golden anniversary throw them an extra special party. For enhancing the look of the party, decorate your table with a white linen tablecloth. It gives an eye-catchy look to your d�cor and also attracts the guests. Here are some anniversary decoration ideas to memorialize the day and keep to traditional anniversary themes. 

1. Lantern Love 

A paper lantern centerpiece will set a laid-back and a classy look at your anniversary party. Arrange a paper lantern in the middle of your banquet table and place an LED light inside to let it glow. For an elegant touch, place preserved red roses atop in the shape of a wreath and sprinkle rose petals around the base. 

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2. Cute as Cotton 

You can utilize cotton boll branches to fashion simple bouquets to be displayed on your beverage table or any other decorated area. For a fabulous detail, use a clear glass jar to hold your cotton. 

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3. Pretty Plank

For your anniversary party, incorporate subtle and wooden details into your d�cor to fit in with the year�s wood theme. So, utilize one or several wood planks as a table runner over navy tablecloths at your outdoor dinner party. You can also gather a few precatory candles along the end of the nature-inspired runner, for providing radiant light to the table if the dinner should linger into the night. 

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4. Table of Plenty 

This table decoration idea is easy to assemble and is also perfect for a cheerful, vibrant gathering of friends and family. For making the decorating different, begin with cylinder vases of different shapes and sizes, and fill them with your favorite fresh and preserved fruits such as oranges, apples, pears, pomegranates, and others. Finish the look with a long strand of grosgrain ribbon curved to loosely wrap your vases. 

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5. Ring Pillow

To give a different an adorable look at your table you can also use a decorative ring pillow along with flower as a centerpiece. It will help to enhance the look of your table and make it adorable and eye-catchy. 

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These are some anniversary decoration ideas that you can use to make your special day more special for you, your better-half and your guests. You can also easily find trendy wholesale cake toppers and use themto make the cake setting look attractive.

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