Building a Successful MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in Mobile App Development

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In today’s digital age, it has become a thriving opportunity for businesses to invest in mobile app development, as it opens a pool of opportunities to flourish and fulfil business goals. Mobile apps are helpful for both internal operations and selling products or services, influencing overall business potential. However, sometimes mobile app development can be costly if developing a minimum viable product, or MVP, is not a primary aim. We, as an experienced mobile app development company in Kolkata, would like to share some insights on building a successful MVP in mobile app development.

Conduct thorough market research

The first step towards building your MVP will be to conduct comprehensive market research. This will give an idea of what features need to be included, what design will be best for the targeted audience, and so on. The market research will contribute to meeting users’ expectations for reaching potential customers or investors relevant to your offer. It will also help to analyse competitors’ apps, by which you can get an idea of what unique features or designs need to be implemented that will stand out from the crowd.

Plan a wireframe for the app

After conducting thorough market research, the next thing is to create a wireframe for our app. It will help to get an overview of the app in the context of its design and features. After listing the features and design, the aim should be to prioritise them accordingly as per their importance and show user interaction through the wireframe. Wireframes are also useful for prototyping the app and testing it with potential users.

Outline the revenue model

After deciding on the app’s features and design, it is important to develop a revenue model for our app. There are various options to consider, such as subscription-based models, in-app purchases, pay-per-download, and many more. Apart from app monetization, one should prioritise the actual business model. For example, if you own an e-commerce business, you will need to implement various personalisations or related customisations that can generate more revenue.

Develop the MVP

After the planning phase, this step is where the real development takes place. As a mobile app development company in Kolkata, our development phases go through development, testing, and optimisation of our app. The MVP needs to have all the core features planned in the wireframe and conduct exclusive testing before launching it.

Conduct beta testing of the app

Beta testing involves testing the app with beta users to assess any further areas for improvement. It is important to consider the feedback and improve the app to make it more feasible and smooth for users. If users are not satisfied with the app, then the app will not fulfil its business goals.

Launch the app

Finally, after a lot of testing and optimisation of the app, the next step will be to launch it. A checklist needs to be maintained to ensure that all features are working properly and that all bugs and glitches are fixed. Simultaneously, app marketing needs to be carried out through various activities, such as social media campaigns, influencer marketing, or event content marketing, to accumulate a larger user base and enhance app visibility.

Benefits of creating an MVP

As a mobile app development company in Kolkata, we find developing an MVP to be the most convenient for both businesses and developers. This is because it aims to bring out the best with the minimum resources and costs. Check out some of the benefits of developing an MVP for your business.

  • Lower risk

Developing an MVP involves less risk compared to other kinds of mobile apps. As these mobile apps are based on a simpler model and only aim to fulfil specific business requirements that can drive business growth, the associated risks are comparatively lower.

  • Lower development costs

An MVP aims to introduce a simpler mobile app with fewer complex functionalities. This also requires fewer resources to develop, and with the right choice of mobile app development frameworks, the efforts of the developers can also be reduced. Thus, the overall cost of development is also less, and the process of development becomes faster.

  • User feedback and insights

MVPs are useful for gathering user feedback that gives useful insights into the workings of every feature and the areas for improvement. This helps to develop the app to cater to the needs and demands of users.

  • A better grasp of the market

MVPs allow businesses to analyse user data related to engagement and interaction, through which they can develop plans to meet their expectations and gain an edge over their competitors.

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