Why study Hospitality Management in the UK?

If you are reading this, you are probably one of the many people looking to study a career in hospitality in the UK. Whether you are interested in running your own business or simply looking to expand your horizons, this article is for you. The hospitality industry is one of the most rewarding and challenging in which to work. It offers a great deal of scope for development, and while the market is highly competitive, it’s also enjoyable and rarely dull. However, like any profession, hospitality management requires dedication, commitment, resilience, and the ability to juggle a multitude of responsibilities. In order to pursue a career in this sector effectively, you need to understand how it fits into the overall scheme of things. This article will explore why you should choose Hospitality Management to study in UK and what you can gain from doing so.

Why should you study hospitality management in the UK?

Degrees in hospitality management offer many exciting career opportunities with high salaries and are highly sought worldwide. The hospitality sector generated a total of ?59.3 billion in 2019, which was around 3% of the UK’s economic output. Between 3 and 5% of businesses in each country and region were related to the hospitality industry.

As a result of the pandemic, the hospitality industry suffered the most economic losses. There was a 42% decrease in economic output in the hospitality industry over 2020 compared to 2019. There was a 21% decrease in hospitality output in 2021 compared to 2019. According to the British government, the hospitality sector contributed 2% to the UK economy in 2020 and 2021, down from 3% in 2019. In 2022, however, UK hotels are forecast to generate ?4.5 billion in transactions, exceeding the industry’s 15-year average of ?4.22 billion. For this reason, the UK is considered a highly lucrative destination for studying hospitality management. Here are a few reasons you should study hospitality management in the UK.

1) World-class teaching

Studying hospitality, leisure, and tourism in the UK will give you access to some of the best teaching in the world. Three of the world’s top ten hospitality and leisure universities are based in the UK: the University of Surrey, Oxford Brookes University, and Bournemouth University. In addition, there are 321 courses you can choose from across the country, so you’ll be able to gain the insight and experience you need to pursue your dream career. 

2) Degrees recognized worldwide: 

Universities in the UK award degrees that are recognized around the world. Furthermore, these degrees are considered to be world-class, which could improve your job prospects. You are especially likely to benefit from this if you earn a degree from Oxford or Surrey.

3) Opportunities to work: 

While studying, the UK government provides students with part-time employment opportunities. Students can work 20 hours per week during the term, while during university holidays, they may work full-time. The ability to find a part-time job that helps you gain valuable experience while alleviating financial pressure is relatively easy.

4) Lower education costs:

As tuition fees in the UK are lower than in the USA, studying in England is better than studying in the USA. The UK offers three-year courses, while the US provides four-year courses, so you’ll save even more.

5) Improve language skills: 

Taking an English course while studying in England is vital as it can help you improve your English skills, which is essential since English is the language of international business.

6) Rapidly evolving sector

Innovating constantly, the sector has risen to the many challenges created by the global pandemic, including everything from the most significant event venues to the minor boutique hotels. It is, therefore, no wonder that the UK is the perfect place to flourish in a global career, whether you want to create unforgettable experiences or take advantage of emerging technologies.

How much do Hotel Management Courses in the UK cost?

The average tuition fee for an undergraduate Hotel Management course in the UK is 12,000 pounds. However, postgraduate or master’s programs cost 15,000-17,000 pounds on average.

In the UK, What Are The Requirements For Hospitality Management?

When applying to colleges and universities in the UK, you must consider several entry requirements. Education institutions have different requirements, but some criteria are universal. The following are some of the entry requirements:

1) Age 

You must be 18 years old to apply to a hospitality management program.

2)School Education 

ABB is a minimum grade for A-level results. It is also necessary to have at least four GSCEs with grades C and above. You must score at least 32 if you have chosen IB.

3) English Language Requirements

You should take the IELTS test if English isn’t your first language and score at least 6.0.


Talented people are always in demand in the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom. Studying Hotel Management in the UK gives students insights into the latest issues facing the hospitality industry and the necessary background to succeed in their careers. Students are offered theoretical and practical knowledge through undergraduate and postgraduate Hotel Management programs. 

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