Things To Look For Before Buying A Good Tractor

So the question arises which tractor we should buy. Which will be better for us, a Mahindra 265, Eicher 380 or any other tractor? So let’s know that while buying a tractor, we have some essential things, about which it is very important to take the information. No matter what the company of the tractor is.?


It is crucial for us to know about the technology of the engine. As the cylinder capacity of the engine is 2, 4, or more cylinders, the more will be the delivery of engine power. The engine is turbo or non-turbo. Turbo has some disadvantages as well as advantages. Its advantage is that it increases the engine’s power and does not allow the RPM to fall. The disadvantage is that if there is lack of service then the bore work of the engine may have to occur quickly. Therefore, the longevity of the machine reduces.


The farmer needs a hydraulic lift the most. There are numerous such tasks which we cannot do without it. For example, the work of a cultivator, rotavator, thresher and seed drill cannot be done without its help?the more advanced the hydraulic lift, the greater the benefit. The more lifting capacity will make the tractor beneficial for us. So we have to see whether the hydraulic lift is ADDC type or not. This means whether two sensing levers have been provided inside the tractor or not.

Driver Comfort

We should check the tractor for different types of comfort regarding the driver and ensure that the brakes are applied with minimum effort. And the steering control should be smooth for proper handling. It is crucial to check these things as a farmer must work on a tractor for longer to do loads of farming tasks.


It is very important for us to think about diesel consumption because the farmers’ income is decreasing. Diesel prices have started touching the sky. It is essential for us to keep in mind that tractor diesel does not eat much. In this scenario, we may have to tolerate this loss. Keep in mind that companies do not offer factual information to anyone. In this situation, the person who is operating that tractor. He can give you the suitable suggestion on this. The main reason is that the working capacity of the tractor is different on a variety of soil surfaces. Moreover, the Mahindra 575 is a recommended choice for low fuel consumption. 


This is the most important and valuable topic. What is Horsepower? When you buy a tractor, you purchase it according to your needs. There is no problem with this just to know from the people how the tractor is. Basically, this will not be the solution. If a 40 HP tractor works well in a village, you buy the same. The most significant advantage we get from this is that when we want a 40 HP tractor, and we have taken 45 HP, we have given 20 to 30 thousand more rupees to get it.

This advantage will be that we will not have to change the tractor later because when we use any implement, the 40 HP tractor will run on more load. The same tool will function effortlessly with 45 HP, and there will be no effect on the engine. If a tractor runs on more load, its life reduces, and a 45 HP tractor can damage the same implement. But there is no loss on the tractor’s life, and when a new implant comes on the market, it can run smoothly, so we should always take a +5 HP tractor as per requirement.

Tractor Market Value

We buy tractors which have more features, but we should keep in mind our tractor’s market price. How is his service provider? Its components are easily accessible in the market. However, not every farmer can operate a tractor for a longer duration. It has to be sold when the tractor gets old and could not function according to needs. So we should buy the same tractor which is popular in the market because there are various companies that sell tractors but cannot provide service. Some companies had closed their centres, gone away, or could not function properly. Its most significant disadvantage would be that it is tough to get the parts of the tractor purchased, so that such tractors can create a lot of trouble for us.


So, the above-mentioned points are essential before buying a suitable tractor according to your needs. I hope you like this blog, and to read more such informative articles, stay tuned with us.

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