5 Simple steps to hire a Ghostwriter

From fan-favourite Celebs to Politicians and diplomats that sit on high tables, from record-breaking, Pulitzer prize-winning journalists and editors to ordinary human beings who have a story to tell, people of all kinds and niches hire ghostwriters for one use or the other. Citing lack of time or ability to write impressively as a leading reason, people go for ghostwriters because ghostwriters can deliver with the craft and literary prudence of a real writer. They can wear any tone and assume any writing style while delivering the most original, relevant, and composite content.

Ghost Writing Services in the UK have gained commendable traction in the recent past, and excellent ghostwriting services are charged for an estimated ?300 a day or ?50 -60 per hour. The fact that people are ready to dispense such imposing amounts of money on a writing assignment has made many people gravitate towards the trade. This is where the climate of the literary world gets turbulent. See, becoming a ghostwriter doesn?t really require any real credential, not that a writer cannot have any, but you get the gist. Also, the literary world is generous, and anyone who is anyone who picked writing as a hobby might end up thinking of himself as a writer.

Now don?t get all riled up, we are not condescending on ambitious writers, and neither we want to sanction any hegemony on anyone with a penchant for writing. We know the literary realm is enormous, and the art is benevolent to have room for all. What we endeavour is to make people realize that it is a serious business and undertaking a writing assignment for others must be done with utmost responsibility. With many writers offering ghostwriter services, claiming professional literary excellence, it becomes challenging to pick the right one.

Here?s our humble attempt to help you guide along the way.

Step 1: Know what you need

There is an army of writers on the internet, with each writer excelling in a particular style or domain. Many times, people confuse?ghostwriters?with?blog writers?or?staff writers. Allow us to mark the difference between them once and for all.

A?Ghostwriter?writes anonymously, and they excel in a number of writing styles and tones. One ghostwriter can handle various kinds of literary content, like memoirs, blogs, articles, and the work is credited with the name of the writer who hires the ghostwriter. Seasoned ghostwriters have the ability to quickly identify and adapt to the desired or preferred tone of the credited writers.

A?Staff Writer?is similar to a ghostwriter with a mild difference. Staff writers do not adhere to anonymity and credit their work with their names. They too can write in a large number of literary styles and themes and can write a variety of content like articles, memoirs, and blogs. Even though they are independent freelance writers, they do engage in long-term contract work with magazines and newspapers.

A?blog writer?usually works on short-time work and typically writes small blogs only, which is usually numbered at less than or equal to 500 words. Blog writers don?t possess a wider skillset and choose to charge on a ?per word basis? as opposed to staff or blog writers who partake long time contracts with grand hourly rates or extensive packages.

Step 2: Research and Inquire

Should go without saying but still. Before selecting the first ghostwriter, you stumble upon, make sure you conduct thorough research of the market. Ask around in your circle of friends and acquaintances for referrals. Ask around from fellow writers who might already be aware of the norms and customs of the market. Take multiple offers for your writing assignment from a variety of portals and resources on the internet and the newspaper. There are respected and recognized ghostwriting services, like Global Book Writers UK, that thoroughly guide na?ve and unaccustomed individuals and offer commendable ghostwriting services.

Step 3: Post your Job

Once you have figured out what you need doing, the kind of writer that can do it, and the pricing structure, you should post your job for the writer. Add the relevant and complete detail of your writing assignment to get the correct writer for your job. A fiction writer will not be able to deliver on researched financial blogs, thus particularly mentioning the genre is necessary to save time and money and to avoid confusion. Choose the correct and relevant portal to post your job. Job postings incur a cost too, so make sure that you have researched well enough to know where posting your job might yield the maximum and accurate results. The best place to post your job are freelance websites that have a lot of writers from all around the world that offer a wide range of skills and prices. You can have flexibility in choosing a writer. 

A friendly tip: Always end your job posting with a note that asks the candidates to add a specified statement or a word with their application subject. This is to ensure that they have actually read through the whole job posting and are serious enough to take on the job. 

Step 4: Select a Writer

Once a job is posted, you will receive many applications with each writer excelling in one area or the other. Make sure that you sieve through the list and filter out the most apt and befitting candidate for your writhing assignment. This is only possible if the steps shared above were executed perfectly. Your selection can be direct and to the point if you are familiar with the standards and requirements of your writing assignment, but in case if the writing is more of a technical nature, it’s best to let a professional handle it from scratch. Global Book Writers UK have a wide spectrum of writing skills that they offer at very pocket friendly prices. Considering them might be a smart move, to ensure that your writing is taken care of by the real experts and wordsmiths only.

You can also look for the following things before making a selection:

  • Is the ghostwriter punctual and capable enough to meet deadlines?
  • Is familiar enough with modern writing procedures like SEO and can adjust accordingly?
  • Can offer suggestions on topics and identify latest and hot trends and write on them
  • Can deal with technical manoeuvres like formatting according to the medium or a selected standard, incorporating external links and URLs to the articles or blogs, make use of heading elements of HTML like H1, H2.

Step 5: Hiring the Ghostwriter?

Once through with all the technical and rigorous filtering hire the writer that have a writing style and tone that matches with yours. If you don?t have one specifically, make sure they are relevant to the writing assignment that you need done. Examine the sample blogs that your candidates might have submitted and then only make your selection. Be creative in selecting candidate, especially when hiring for longer blog or article writing. Hiring multiple writers can be a smart move that might offer you a multi-tonal palette and offer creativity to your blogs.

That, we guess, sums it up. Personally, we suggest that if your literary project is of a trivial nature or maybe you are experimenting a bit, you can obviously follow the steps mentioned above. We are certain that if followed perfectly, you will be able to hire a ghostwriter without any hassle. But if your writing project is of crucial nature, we?ll suggest that you hire some veteran writing services like Ghost Book Writers UK to make sure you don?t miss out anything important.