All you need to know about different types of Packaging

medicine packaging box

Are you entering the world of product packaging? If yes, you need to know that the packaging industry uses a wide range of raw materials and various printing techniques to print packages that not just only look appealing but also keep the product secure. When we talk about packaging one need to decide the types of materials like plastic, metal, cardboard, foil, shrink film, bio-plastics, etc but you should also know which type of packaging is appropriate for your products. So, in this article, we will discuss in brief the different types of Packaging. Keep reading the article for more details 

medicine packaging box

Custom Packaging 

As the world is going digital each day it is becoming extremely important to opt for custom packaging as an important marketing tool. All the businesses are now stepping towards Custom packaging Boxes to give a professional appearance to the packaging with logo, website, and brand tagline on the top and this likewise will catch the eyes of the Businesses and customers as well. We can say that it is the key to creating and maintaining a consistent brand appearance. The importance of Custom Packaging is as below: 

– Increases the brand value 

– Maintains consistency in product packaging 

– Better product protection 

– Good customer Experience 

So, the design of the package plays a vital role. 

Mono Carton Box  

Mono Carton Boxes are used for compact packaging like medicine packaging box, cosmetic products, FMCG Products, food items, etc. This type of packaging sets different packaging criteria for different brands. Mono Carton printing machines are prepared with state-of-the-art innovation to guarantee every mono container pressing is printed with the best quality. One might redo the container plan and shape according to the client’s necessities or prerequisites.

Strategies utilized for Mono Carton Printing Process

– Gold Metalized Foiling

– Hot Foiling and lamination 

– Met pet printing

– Glass Matte Effects

– Pantone color printing

– Hybrid Effect

– Drip off the impact

What’s more the valuing of Mono Carton printing relies upon the size, structure, shading, of the printing that you like.

Folding Carton Box 

Folding Carton Boxes are made up of paperboard and are generally used for packing individual products like perfumes, candles, and beauty products. These types of packaging usually have tuck flaps on one or both ends. One step print being a renowned Folding carton Box manufacturer uses innovative technologies to create cost-effective cartons with good quality. Some benefits of Folding Carton Boxes are as listed: 

– Cost-effective 

– Environment Friendly 

– Versatile

– Provides adequate safety to your product 

– Clean Graphics 

– Creativity and Flexibility 

– Allows Customization 

One Step Print works closely with our clients to give folding cartons that give another aspect to your image and make a feeling of certainty and trust among their clients.

Luxury Packaging Boxes 

All the Luxury boxes are made with good quality raw materials, with the assistance of the most recent advancements and the right direction of experts. Luxury packaging reflects and becomes an integral part of the brand and it is as important as the product. Things that need to be considered for luxury packing are: 

– Step outside the box 

– Choose subtle colors

– Create impact 

– Put on a coating 

– Open with ease 

And, this is how luxury packaging can lead to Brand Success 

– Increases the value of the product 

– Provides utmost protection and safety 

– Builds brand image 

– Attract the target audience

– Increases your brand awareness and identification 

Hence, with all these aspects Luxury box packaging can lead towards brand success and sets your position in the market.

Wholesale Packaging boxes 

Wholesale boxes are solid cardboard delivery and pressing boxes you need to buy in mass. The Box Zone exhibits a full line of discount boxes available to be purchased. They come in different sizes, shapes, and plans to suit your conveyance needs.


From the above article, we can say that Packaging plays a vital role in the promotion of products and increases brand value. So it becomes very important for your business to decide as per what type of packaging will suit your product, and also matches your brand and preferences. 

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