Top 6 Steps Of Website Design Process For Business Owners

website design process

While taking the work assigned by your client, did you make them understand how web designing works? Well, make them understand because it will give you a chance to demonstrate your expertise, authority, and credibility to provide websites that will get the right results. 

Anyone can build a website with all the website-building tools available in the market. But if you want a quality website design, it will take a lot more than just free online web templates.

In this blog, Esspesoft, the best web design company in Kolkata, will elaborate on the most essential six steps of the website design process for business owners. 

To learn all the six steps read till the end. 

How to Build a Better Website 

If you happen to be a commercial or freelance web designer, consider building a stand-alone page on your portfolio website so that you can attract new clients to your personal web design process. Most clients prefer to have a clear, actionable plan for their web design project, and Esspesoft, the website design company in Kolkata, will deliver you exactly your requirement. 

Here are the 6 steps in chronological order. 

Phase 1: Discovering 

It is next to impossible to complete a website if you do not know the goal of the project. If the project is of your own, then take time, research, read, and apply. But if it is your client’s, then you have to understand the business and industry he is working in, along with the target market and customers. 

Phase 2: Plotting

Just like gathering information, planning and strategizing in advance is essential to launching the new website. If there is no planning, the result will come out different than you hoped. If you think about spending time in the planning phase, think about the non-web-related projects, whether they are business or personal. 

Phase 3: Designing 

This third step is the step where you finally imagine and slowly apply designs to make the website presentable and reachable. To design the website, you have a few elements such as a header, widgets, navigation, and so forth. The wireframe you just created is capable of moving into a more realistic mock-up using Photoshop. 

Phase 4: Developing 

The development phase is where the website design gets translated into an actual code that makes the website work. This phase takes most of the time. Therefore, keep your clients posted with updates and tell them in the first meeting that the process is time-consuming. 

Phase 5: Launching 

Launching is the last step in building a website. It is time to launch the beast. You must launch in order to launch your website like WordPress.  

Phase 6: Maintaining

The last thing to do after you have built a website and launched it successfully is to maintain consistency in checking, changing, and getting informed about everything about the website. 


There you go with the six top steps to designing a stunning website. This blog may seem new and exciting to you, but it does not have all the information one needs to build a website. One must study and practice to achieve the name of a web designer. 

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