5 brilliant ways to use Smooth covers

smooth cover

Smooth coveris also known as cover stock and weighs a little more in density than an average paper to write on. It is widely recognized for its durability and strength and is a perfect choice to make invitation cards for birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. It is available in various custom sizes, styles, colors, weights, and textures. As this material is slightly higher in density, it can withstand the weight of various sorts of liquids and accessories. This material has quite a smooth surface, but it can adopt a gloss and matte version to suit the fanciness for decorations. With its eco-friendly properties, this material poses no existing and potential harm to the environment. Inkjet printers are used to imprint this material with the most desirable arts, patterns, and labels for branding purposes. Also, its natural colors blend perfectly with the color schemes used to brighten up the ambience. With the flexible nature this material possesses, it is quite viable for manufacturing and enhancing an item�s physical appearance.

Smooth cover plays a vital role in ensuring a nice flat finishing to all the paper-based production. This material holds all the attributes that go into considering it one of the most favorable paper materials. Its challenging nature and biodegradability make it stand tall in the paper industry. There are several uses of this material that allow it to be labeled as flexible.


May those be invitation cards, ID cards, postcards, bookmarks, brochures, and more; all cards need to be made with a sturdy and rigid material in nature t to remain straight. Cards lose their charm when they experience unnecessary bends and folds, which is why this material ensures thickness to be observed at all times. Also, inkjet printers are used to imprint these cards with all the desired writings that need to be included for brand promotional purposes, greetings, wishes, and more. It is water-proof, and so there is no fear of the inks fading away when coming in contact with water and the card losing its appeal.


Books and notebooks need to have covers that are rigid in nature and stay intact without any bends or folds. For that matter, this material assures the outer appearance of the books remains in place. The front cover is what appeals to the reader at first sight. Businesses tend to imprint their names, logos, slogans, and mission and vision statements on their brand recognition books. This draws more customer attention and could increase both existing and potential sales for businesses.

1. Decorations

This material is quite budget-friendly and can be used to make paper decorations to grace your house in any festive season. It saves money on buying those expensive festive decorations. For instance, on Halloween, all sorts of festive ornaments can be made out of this material. These successful offers by this material give customers the best value of money on their minimal investment. Event planners often `buy this material in large quantities to grace customer�s events. Bulk buying assists them in obtaining discounts and price-cuts.


School projects are usually a very fun thing for the kids and as well as the parents. This material is used in making various items like mini envelopes, flower wreaths, and more for art projects. To put a cherry on the top, these projects can be painted using oil paints. For bigger and professional projects, various add-ons like PVC sheets raised inks, gold or silver foiling, and die-cut windows and ribbons can be used for extra grace and charm. Coating with gloss, matte and matte coatings for a further spark can also be used.

Photo prints 

Smooth cover can be used to create a lovely little gallery for all your favorite photos to be attached to the room wall because of its thick nature. To make your room look a fantasy world, this material could help gather all your painted or quoted portraits to be galleried on your walls.

With all the great uses of the Smooth coverdiscussed above, it is quite favorable to highlight that this item is one of the best paper-based materials. It holds all the reliable yet compatible qualities required in various situations one could experience while dealing with any sort of project.


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