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Manual Transfer Switch

All commercial buildings, factories, and homeowners like to use a transfer switch for the convenience it offers. A transfer switch is a device that connects your generator to the electric panel. When there is a power outage a flip of the switch at the tap box restores power within seconds.

To continue with business operations and to keep the machines running in your factory or shop a generator plays a very critical role. It can save you from business losses by ensuring you get continued power till all the work for the day is completed. Many areas of the country are hit hard by storms and power to a large number of homes and businesses is lost for days and in some situation for more than a week.

Living without coffee and cell phones is unimaginable for a few days. It is necessary to power up at least your refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker besides lights and fans. A small 8kW generator produces ample energy to fulfill the essential power needs of your house. Look for a unit that has a low total harmonic distortion so it can be used with cell phones, tablets, and laptops. These days, a generator with less than 3% THD is better for users that cannot live without their cell phones and tablets.

After you buy the generator get a manual transfer switch for it. It will prevent back feeding to the power lines when grid power is restored. The transfer switch can save the technicians working on grid lines from an injury. For the safe and correct operation of your unit, you need to buy the right transfer switch for it. There are also the automatic transfer switches on the market that you may want to consider. If you have a portable unit you can get it wired to your electric panel by a professional and licensed electrician. Later when grid power fails you can use it to supply power to your home appliances.

A manual transfer switch costs a lot less than the automatic transfer switch. If you are looking for one to power heavy machinery in an industrial setting or one for the hospital then an automatic transfer switch will be a better choice as it eliminates the need for human intervention.

Many people think a transfer switch is not necessary to run their generator. They like to use extension cords to run their appliances. This requires more effort and also consumes set up time. 

With a transfer switch, you can select the circuits you want to power ahead of time. In a work environment, a manual transfer switch guarantees the safety of workers and business.

Installation cost can be anywhere from $200-$400. Based on their rating, a transfer switch can be installed both indoors and outdoors. NEMA rated transfer switches can always be installed indoors near the entrance. 

If you have a portable generator that you use for emergencies get a 30-amp transfer switch for it if it has a 30-amp cord. You can tell the type of transfer switch you need by checking the unit’s receptacles. Online dealers that sell branded generators carry all brands of transfer switches. If you need technical assistance in coming to a decision, you can use the online chat and talk to one of the customer service representatives who will be more than glad to assist you.

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