Micro Edm Services: Low Rates & Fast Turnaround Times

Micro Edm Services

All devices and machinery that we use these days are made up of various parts. Due to the current trend of automation many devices now have microcircuits and microcontrollers. The equipment is getting smaller and this miniaturization demands the use of the latest equipment to put the components together. These days, micromachining technology has captured the attention of all types of manufacturing. 

You can find it actively taking over the aerospace, medical field, and the automotive industry. The prospect of making mini products is growing. There are several challenges that this technology faces. The need for reliable and suitable machining systems to foster growth is very much there. Micro details have been in for more than a decade. The use of lasers and EDM has helped accelerate the growth of miniaturization. Now the number of goods that need to be made smaller is growing day after day. Everyone wants to use devices that are slim and have very little weight. Micromachining is thus at a booming stage. 

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is very popular for making small parts. Micro is defined as one-millionth of a meter. With very tiny parts and feature sizes, machines have to work at a higher level of accuracy. Micromachining has taken precision to the next level. In EDM machining sparks are used to remove metal. It is also known as spark machining, spark eroding, burning, die sinking, wire burning or wire erosion. In this manufacturing process, an electrical discharge is used to obtain the desired shape.

Manufacturers continuously look for parts that are smaller than 95 microns. This is only double the size of a human hair which is 50 microns in diameter. In the future, we can expect these parts to become even thinner than a human hair. The human eye cannot see a part that is less than 40 microns in diameter. The micromachining equipment has to give ultra-high accuracy for very precise results. A little variation in heat or vibration or a slight change in the equipment set can cause damage to the entire production line. 

For micromachining, a team of trained technicians is best to run the production line. 

Micro EDM Services help with the manufacturing of new products for medical components, micro molds, electronic tooling, micro-electrical-mechanical-system, fluidic circuits, micro-valves, particle filters, and subminiature actuators & motors. 

If you need Micro EDM Services to make parts, it is good to outsource the work to an experienced company.  Some local companies have decades of EDM machining experience and can help you make punches, dies, medical devices, micro tools and so forth. They do not overcharge their clients and will finish your project on time.

They offer EDM wire sizes from .002″ to .012″ diameter and offer Wire EDM up to 14″ x 10″ x 9″. If you need micro holes as small as to .0017″ diameter, they can do the job for you within your budget. They can also help with RAM EDM. You can save money on projects and get a fast turnaround time. The professional companies can handle any level of complexity with micromachining with their sinker EDM machines that are CNC path controlled.

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