7 SEO Problems You Probably Did Not Know About [And Their Solutions]

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SEO, an intricate dance of algorithms, keywords, and content, plays a crucial role in determining the success of your online presence. As you strive for the top spot on search engine result pages, unexpected challenges may arise, impacting your rankings and website traffic. Every result-oriented SEO company in Delhi and other locations knows this. That’s why you need to identify the areas of improvement in your SEO strategy.

In this blog, we’ll uncover seven SEO problems that might have eluded your attention and provide effective solutions to overcome them.

Top 5 SEO Issues You Should Take a Look At

1. Manual Actions & Penalties By Google

Have you noticed a sudden drop in your website’s performance? Google may have issued a manual action or penalty against your site. To unveil any imposed sanctions, navigate to Google Search Console. If it indicates anything other than “No issues detected,” you’re in trouble. To help your website safe from this serious hurdle, you can seek the assistance of an SEO agency in Delhi or your geography.

Review the details provided by Google and take corrective action immediately. It might involve removing offensive content or addressing violations of Google’s guidelines.

2. Inefficient Internal Linking

Internal links are navigation aids that also transfer authority and shape the user journey. Neglecting efficient internal linking can result in poor Google rankings and an unfriendly user experience.

Optimise internal links by using descriptive anchor texts, linking from high-authority to low-authority pages, employing navigation bars and footers, and creating topic clusters.

3. Lack Of User Accessibility

Websites should cater to users of all abilities. Failing to provide accessibility can lead to a less user-friendly experience and potential legal consequences. A professional digital marketing agency in Delhi will be well-adjusted in resolving this issue if you struggle to fix it in-house.

Utilise tools like ARIA by EquallyAI to assess your site’s accessibility. Implement best practices from resources provided by the World Wide Web Consortium to address any shortcomings.

4. Incorrect Use of HREFLANG Tag

For websites targeting a multilingual audience, using the HREFLANG tag incorrectly can create language barriers for users.

Ensure correct coding of the HREFLANG tag by referring to ISO codes for language and region.

5. Opening New Links On The Same Page

Ask an established SEO company in Delhi or any other location and they will not recommend you open links in the same tab. Links that open in the same tab may divert traffic before conversions, impacting your rankings.

Include the target=”_blank” attribute in your links’ HTML code to open them in a new tab. Ensure security by adding rel=”noopener” or rel=”noreferrer” attributes.

6. Poorly-Optimised Images

While high-quality images are essential, large file sizes can impact site loading speed. Optimise images by saving them in the most suitable format, setting height and width manually, merging adjacent images, and compressing them with tools like TinyPNG. Balancing image quality and file size ensures a seamless user experience.

7. Website Caching Issues

In addition to poorly optimised images or assets like CSS and Javascript files, your site could be loading slowly due to caching issues.

As per information sourced from a leading SEO agency in India, to properly address caching issues, check your server’s .htaccess file. This file can be used to set expiration dates for cached resources, ensuring that elements that don’t change often, such as logos, stay cached for extended periods. Customise the expiration periods based on the nature of your site’s content to optimise loading times and enhance user experience.

These seven SEO challenges require vigilant monitoring and proactive measures. By addressing these issues, you can enhance your site’s performance and maintain a strong SEO foundation. Stay informed, adapt to evolving trends, and regularly assess your site (or get an accomplished digital marketing agency in Delhi to do it) to ensure a seamless user experience and sustained search engine visibility.