Efficient & Quick Ways to Convert WLM EML to PST File Format

EML files to PST format

Proper Reasons/Motives to Export/Upload EML Files into MS Outlook

EML files are converted to PST for a variety of reasons, some of which are as follows:

  • Data Safety: The main way to safeguard your emails from unwanted data breaches is to convert the EML file data into PST beforehand. This is because EML files are more vulnerable to security risks like malware and phishing assaults.
  • Improved Mail Management: Effective mail management is an additional justification for converting an EML file to a PST. Email rule generation, folder organization, and powerful email search filters are just a few of the data management options available in PST files. Conversely, there are no advantages connected to EML files, and because of this feature deficiency, email users switch their email data to PST.
  • Data Compliance: Complying with email regulations is the third justification for converting EML to PST. Email data must be kept for a specific amount of time in an accessible format, such as PST, according to particular industry regulations. Combining all emails into a PST file creates a single email database that is useful for email forensics and legal audits since EML files include individual email data.
  • Fast Email Data Exchange: This is an additional justification for converting EML files to PST. Emails, calendar entries, and contact information are all readily backed up in PST format and shared across Outlook users. Nevertheless, you must use an email client that supports EML to share every email.

These justifications emphasize how essential it is to convert EML files to PST. To learn about the options we will be exploring for this file conversion process, keep reading the blog!

Manually convert EML files into PST

The finest technique to convert an EML file to PST is to use the drag-and-drop method. In this manner, you may add EML files to Outlook without having to explore additional options. The procedures to drag the EML files into Outlook for PST conversion are mentioned below:

  • Launch the Outlook software on your PC.
  • On your account, make a new folder and give it a name of your own.
  • Navigate to the EML file folder on your PC.
  • Drag each of the EML files to the Outlook folder after selecting each one separately.

Note: To apply the changes to your Outlook profile, locate the PST file on your computer and copy the backend file, which is the PST file that is currently syncing.

Although data loss, the time it takes to add each EML file to Outlook, and data corruption limit the use of this technique of converting EML files into PST, it appears to be simple. Let’s see the expert method for converting an EML file to a PST.

A Simple & Secure Way to Upload EML Files into Microsoft Outlook

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re looking for the best way to convert EML files to MS Outlook PST format. For lossless conversion of numerous EML files to MS Outlook PST format, use the Softaken EML to PST Converter Software. All Windows OS versions, recent or ancient, are compatible with the software. All versions of Microsoft Outlook are compatible with the app. When consumers choose this app, there is no risk of data loss. To discover more about this software’s features and attributes, download the free demo version.

How do I use the software?

  • Download the Softaken EML to PST Converter on your PC.
  • Start the app and select the EML file or folder that you need to convert into PST.
  • After choosing EML files, now preview all EML files.
  • Filter your EML files.
  • After filtering EML files, now choose the location where you want to save EML files.
  • In the last step, hit the “Convert” button and start exporting EML files to Outlook PST format.

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In this post, users can learn the fast and safe techniques to convert EML files to PST format without any hurdle. The EML to PST Converter is the safest solution to convert WLM EML files to MS Outlook PST format. The app safely exports unlimited EML files or folders to a PST layout. Get the free demo version of this software to learn more about the features of this app without spending a large amount of money.