Self Compacting Concrete – Properties, Applications and Advantages

Self-compacting concrete (SCC), also known as self-consolidating concrete, is a fluid sort of concrete that can be positioned as well as consolidated through its very own weight without needing mechanical resonance. One of the vital features of self-compacting concrete is that it maintains toughness and also attributes of concrete while being cohesive adequate to be managed without partition.

Some self-compacting concrete blends consist of admixtures like superplasticizer and thickness modifiers for decreasing partition and also bleeding. Partition of concrete leads to loss in stamina and also results in honeycombed area throughout the concrete. A well-designed self condensing concrete will certainly not set apart due to its excellent deformability.

Since you learn about what SCC is, let’s take a look at the Materials, Properties, Application, Advantages as well as Disadvantages of SCC.

SCC Materials

The complying with at the products made use of to produce SCC blend:
Rose city Cement
Typical Portland concrete grade 43 or 53 is frequently utilized.

Rugged aggregates are generally limited to the size of 20 mm, yet sometimes where overloaded support is required, the aggregate size can range in between 10 mm to 12 mm. Great aggregates, of size smaller sized than 0.125 mm, can be all-natural or manufactured. Well graded round aggregates or cubical accumulations are recommended for ideal performance.

Water is treated similarly just like routine concrete.

Mineral Admixtures
It differs depending upon the mix style as well as properties called for. Below are the minerals made use of together with the properties they add to the concrete blend:

Fly Ash– Improves internal concrete matrix, reduces permeability, and also improves framework top quality.
Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS)– Improves the rheological, also known as deformation, residential properties of concrete.
Rock Powder– Improves powder web content of the combination.
Silica Fumes– Improves mechanical residential or commercial properties of the framework.
Chemical Admixtures
Superplasticizers are commonly utilized in SSC. Air entraining, willful production of air bubbles, agents are used to enhance the freezing as well as thawing resistance. Setting time of concrete is managed by using Retarders.

SCC Properties

Due to the visibility of mineral fillers and unique admixtures, SCC is immune to segregation. With a correctly developed SCC, the concrete can be placed at above 5 meters elevation without any segregation whatsoever.

SSC having similar water-cement proportion since the traditional vibrated concrete will lead to higher stamina, as a result of absence of resonance. This significantly enhances the user interface in between the aggregate as well as the set paste. It is vital to remember that SCC must be poured quicker than regular concrete.

SCC Applications

Building and construction of raft and also stack foundations
Retrofitting and fixing buildings
Frameworks with complex support circulations
Construction of planet retaining systems
Drilled shafts

Rapid positioning without mechanical combination.
Improved constructability.
Decreases permeability in concrete structures.
Minimizes spaces in highly-reinforced areas.
Gets rid of troubles associated with concrete vibration.
Produces excellent quality structures with enhanced structural integrity.
High toughness, toughness and integrity.
Lowers labor expenses.
Enables cutting-edge building functions, considering that it can be utilized in complex kinds.
Develops smoother and also much more aesthetic surface coatings.
Permits easier pumping, and also there are many placement techniques readily available.
Negative aspects

Product choice is more stringent.
Construction boost, compared to normal concrete.
Many test batches as well as lab tests are needed to utilize a made combination.
Greater precision is needed when gauging and checking.
There is no internationally approved examination criterion for self-compacting concrete mix.


To achieve the ideal outcomes when using this kind concrete, there are numerous special considerations. The manufacturing of SCC calls for a great deal of experience and treatment, even more than regular shook concrete.

Partition of concrete leads to loss in toughness and results in honeycombed area throughout the concrete. With an effectively made SCC, the concrete can be put at above 5 meters elevation without any type of partition whatsoever.

It is vital to remember that SCC needs to be put much faster than routine concrete.

To accomplish the optimum results when using this kind concrete, there are several special considerations. The manufacturing of SCC needs a great deal of experience and treatment, even more than normal vibrated concrete.

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