Is Meditouch EMR right for your practice?

Meditouch EMR is a well-recognized name in the industry of EMR softwares. Before investing in any system, it is crucial to understand it from all dimensions. Read our comprehensive review to determine whether Meditech EMR is suitable for your practice or not. 

Meditouch EMR – Company Introduction 

Meditouch EMR, currently known as NextGen Healthcare, has been a top industry player for 46 years now. The software provider operates on the goal of ‘Healthier patients and happier provider.’ With a clientele of more than 155,000 care providers, the EMR software is targeted to practices of all sizes and specialties. The complete suite of solutions includes clinical care, financial management, patient engagement, population health, and connected health. 

Top Features of Meditouch EMR 


Since the EMR software is catered towards doctors of multiple specialties, its solutions are specialty-focus. Users can expect to experience content that has been designed considering their specialty in mind. Some of these features include specialty-specific templates and specialty reporting demands. 

Mobile integration 

The cloud-based platform allows Meditouch EMR to be used with any device that is connected to the internet. The mobile app enables users to provide care on the go. Not only can they view and edit medical records, but they can also prescribe medicines, take clinical pictures, and review their daily schedules.

One premium tool that users can greatly benefit from is NextGen mobile plus dictation. This includes a speech-to-text tool that enables practitioners to document notes faster and access medical records in a matter of seconds.

Patient Portal 

To enhance patient engagement, a portal has been designed specifically for them. Through this, patients can schedule appointments online at a time convenient for them. Automated reminders can be sent to them before consultations to avoid no-shows and latecomers. Additionally, patients can use the portal to request prescription refills, read discharge summaries, view test results, and update their personal information. 

Another way through which patient engagement is heightened is personalized outreach campaigns. The population health management tool can be used to stratify patients based on risk. This enables tailored messages sent to patients that will invite them to engage and interact with a practice.

Billing and Claim Management 

With Meditouch’s billing and revenue cycle management tools, practices can witness their true revenue potential. Multiple billing solutions are offered so that users can pick and choose which feature works best with their processes. 

Claims are managed effectively so that doctors are paid for the services they provide. Automated eligibility checks are conducted to confirm whether an insurance plan is active and if it is sufficient enough to cover a particular treatment. The claim scrubbing tool identifies any issues in medical issues or patient information to avoid denied claims in the future. 

Virtual Visits 

The ongoing Covid-19 has altered the way healthcare was being delivered to patients who now require contact-free care. Adapting to this change, Meditouch enables its clients to provide virtual consultations irrespective of where their patients may be located. Doctors can share their screen with patients to better explain a diagnosis, and third-party specialists can be invited to give their clinical advice.

The telehealth feature is integrated with the EMR software, so no information is duplicated. Patients can access these visits without having to download any app or sign in to a portal. A secure link is emailed to patients through which they can attend these virtual visits. Since the software is HIPAA compliant, practitioners and patients do not need to worry about losing sensitive information to security breaches by hackers.

Price of Meditouch EMR

A price quote for your practice can be obtained after scheduling a one-on-one discussion with Meditouch EMR’s representatives. Additionally, a demo can be requested after filling a short form on its website.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Meditouch EMR 


  • The EMR software is easy-to-use, and practitioners can navigate through the system without having to click endlessly. 
  • Customer service is one of the best in the industry. Support representatives are easy to contact and sthey olve queries on a timely basis. 
  • The system does not lag when moving from one application to the other.


  • While the EMR software is excellent, users have reported taking their good time to get hands-on with the system. 
  • A few tools in revenue cycle management are difficult to comprehend. 
  • Lack of customization tools makes it difficult to adapt workflows with pre-built templates. 

Should I Invest in Meditouch EMR?

Undoubtedly, Meditouch EMR is a powerful software that will significantly improve the performance of its users. We recommend trying out the demo before you make a decision so that you get a clear idea of what’s to come ahead.

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