5 Types of Roof Safety Systems

    Roof Safety Systems

    To work as a roof construction worker, it becomes a must for you to use a safety system. Now, which one should you choose among the plethora of options that are available out there without providing any safety for the workers? Well, let us make the never-ending list a little bit smaller and look at the top five alternatives among the pile.

    1. Engineered Horizontal Lifeline 

    The horizontal lifeline is typically a type of durable cable installed in a parallel manner to save you from falling. The manufacturers tend to design them with weather-resistant molecules to prevent the effects of environmental hazards.

    Widely admired as one of the best roof safety systems, these options generally come with two different choices, temporary and permanent. The former requires a durable anchor for proper installation. Conversely, the latter only hangs from the roof while attached with an immovable object.

    2. Roof Anchors

    If you want to flexibly work on a rooftop, then using a roof anchor should be pretty viable for you. Like the previous options, this type of roof safety systems, too, can be classified into two different types, including fixed and portable. 

    As the name suggests, the fixed anchors generally stay connected to a single section of the rooftop. Thus, if you do want to work on the whole roof section, then you will require several pieces of them. On the other hand, the flexible anchors can help you to move from one side to another comfortably. Allowing you to move comfortably and at the same time maintaining the safety of the workers. 

    3. Ladder Fall Arrest

    When talking about the most popular types of roof safety systems, the first name that comes to mind is Ladder Fall Arrest. With them, you can climb onto towers or poles without any inconvenience as the ladder is tied with the belts to the human body, so that if any accidents occur then the belts can hold tight from falling. They also come with a wide variety of height variants. So, you can use them in other aspects as well. Moreover, a few of the ladder systems do feature a separate cage section as well. Hence, if you are climbing up on a taller building, then it can provide you with proper support and save you from falling.

    4. Warning Lines 

    The warning line systems are probably one of the most affordable roof safety systems available out there in the market. They are also pretty safe, to say the least, and, thus, can be used a=on almost any circumstances. The non-penetrating variant of the warning lines is highly popular among the workers, as they are highly feasible and functional. On the other hand, the fixed ones can help you to works proficiently on the corrugated decks, standing seam rooftops, and R-panels.

    5. Roof Hatches 

    Are you considering buying the safest roof safety systems out there? Well, then Roof Hatches should be your perfect go-to option. Moreover, just like the previous tools, you will get to choose between two options here as well.?

    The first alternative is a non-penetrating module that can help you to save the construction of your rooftop by using a transportable railing system. On the other hand, the fixed ones come with a self-closing gateway, which makes it even more convenient and suitable for all purposes. If the case, you want it permanently at the rooftop for the cleaning and maintenance of the housetop.


    So, these are some of the types of safety systems that you can use on the roofs for carrying out your task. However, before you opt for any one of them, make sure to evaluate their features and functions meticulously. Otherwise, you may end up choosing the wrong one.

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